Am I Beautiful Yet?

Anorexia, something that effects 1 in 10 people. But not Taylor Hope. Well, not to her anyway. Laughed at by Sarah and her troop of barbies, Taylor has no-one to confined to except her new Diary.

But then he arrives in town.


9. February 22


A/N this won't be a diary entry!


Left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right.

My feet shuffle along the stone pathway, the Doc Martians starting to rub my heels. The rigid winter-spring attacks my legs, blowing against my skirt. I regret Joy being so kind. I think to myself, disliking myself extremely for being so... Flimsy! I shuffle fast, almost running, to the bus stop to Finn's place. After ten minutes I arrive at the old stop, panting. I want to sit down, but a homeless man takes my place, his tattered black clothes covering his body, blowing in the harsh wind. Skin dark with grime, and gray beard streaming with dirt. Shivering, I lean on the edge of the stop, wishing the bus would come faster. Finally, after an excruciatingly long wait, the bus comes, a splash of apple red in the world of London gray. Slipping up to the second deck,  I sigh. It's the least crowded place on the bus. Even so, it's still squished with people. 


"Latimer Estate!" The bus driver yell's up to the second deck. Running out of the bus, I grasp my arms, hugging myself.

Latimer Estate.

The Latimer Estate is well... Not the best place in the world. It's a council estate, and well the rest is self explanatory. Rough guys, yelling old ladys, druggies. How could loving, intelligent, gentle Finn Logan live in such a rough, dirty place?


I walk for what seems like forever, towering buildings steep above me. 

"Where YOU going girly??" A guy, seeming to be my age, yells from the staircase above. In one swift movement, he jumps off, legs sprawled, then landing back onto his feet as soon as they touch the floor.


Like a cat.


"Visiting my friend, wh-why?" I wanted to sound brave, but the strong words trickled out of my mouth.

"Eh heh, oi boys, over here! Little miss finicky is visiting her friend! Fancy someone like YOU coming here!" Suddenly, four other guys surround me, the first boy walks up so clos I can taste the stale beer in his breath.


"Oi, get away lads, she's visiting me." An oh-so familiar voice shoots out from above, and everyone frowns, stalking off into the shadows. I run up the stairs, nearly knocking into Finn.


"Sorry 'bout that Taylor Grace. Horrible way to introduce you to my home." Taking my hand, my fingers warm instatly at his touch.


"God your fingers are cold." Grinning at me, he leads me to his apartment.

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