Unknown Identity

A 17 year old boy appeared by a crater and had forgotten everything about his past although he knew the humane things ( English language etc.) and formed a friendship between a guy named Johnny and a love with Johnny's little sister's bestfriend. He starts having blackout at any random time. It's when they go to a funeral of a boy that may have been him that he finds out about who he was.


1. Awaking

Wow. What had just happened? I pushed against the ground after what had felt like a century of sleep. I felt refreshed, awake and alive, as if there was nothing I couldn't do. Everything felt powerful under my skin. I opened my eyes. The world was amazingly colourful, as if before, the world was covered by a shadow. Now the sun was shining and warming my skin. The sky was bluer, the grass, greener, and the crater in the earth was, wait, how did that get there?
I stood up and walked up to the crater in the earth and looked down into it's depths. It was strange to see a crater in the earth with nothing in it. A black African teenage boy with dreadlocks walked up to me. "Hey whatcha doing'?" He kept walking and noticed the crater. "Where did that come from?" he asked. "I don't know, I can't remember," I replied. I searched my memories for anything I remembered. "Nope nothing don't remember anything at all, I don't remember ever having short-term memory loss. I only, umm, hmmm, no idea. How did I get here?" I questioned him, just in case he had seen anything I should know about. "I walked into the restaurant for my shift at work. Then I come out here and BAM. You weren't here before I walked in. I'm Johnny by the way," he held out his hand. I shook it. "Uh I don't know my name. But you can call me what you want" I frowned and smiled. “How about, DJ?” Johnny asked. “Sure. DJ is great," I half smiled. "Come on you got to meet my mates," Johnny gave a smile from ear to ear.


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