The Box, A Story of Truth

This is a story about a boy named Miles. He over hears a pirate talking about a box where everything is real. Unicorns, Griffins, Medusa... Everything thought, read, spoken... is all real, including your worst nightmares...

Miles doesn't believe this 'story' and looks it up on the internet, he finds out more about it and sets out to find it, he then comes across a girl named Elise. He has to find portals and stop the Pirate before he destroys the box.

This story is unreal and based in the 18th century, with today's technology.


2. The Internet

The flipping of pages from a book could be heard from the next room. Click, click. Tap, tap, tap. Invisible box was typed in the bar on the screen, enter. Three results appeared upon the screen, including a box shaped see-through shadow, but that wasn’t helpful. Box of answers was punched in. Candy Box was one of over six hundred billion, no help. The computer screen flashed with a reminder to update a program. The boy clicked the [x] in the right hand corner. Box of knowledge please work. A program about learning was one of many links. “Why don’t I just give up?” He moaned leaning back in his chair and wiping his hair off his face. “One last try,” He rolled his eyes. Hidden magic knowledge box it worked, a website that read ‘Captain Porter’s Discoveries’ with a picture of the man he had seen earlier that evening and a dragon, the creature that must have been the one who had ripped the roof off the bar. He clicked into it and read. There was more information than what he had said. ‘Everything started because the box decided it was time. Everything we know will end because of this box. It holds lies but only shows the truth. It only becomes visible if a person has their hands under it.’ An hour it felt had passed. As he was nearing the end of the article; he read ‘If crushed or broken, the balance of life will go out of place, life as we know it will change’. He thought back to the pirate. He had said he wanted to take over the world. As quickly as it all came rushing to him he realised just as quickly, that he had fallen on the floor.


His mum came running in “Miles? Are you alright? What are you doing swinging on your chair?”. “I was looking up something that a man was talking about in the bar,” he may as well come out with the truth, no point lying, she’ll find out anyway. “What are you looking up this time? ‘If you eat paper the birds will follow you?’ ‘Strawberries can erase pen?’ Ha-ha. Now that’s a good one.” Miles’s Mum laughed at her random jokes. “Actually a pirate called Captain Porter was trying to convince a man; I think his name was Horace, that there is this box that holds more information than you can believe. See? He’s even made an article on it.” Miles pointed to the article. Mile’s mum skimmed the article. “When was it written?” Miles scrolled down further. ‘February 1493’. “This doesn’t make any sense; this was written over two centuries ago. He couldn’t be alive now. Unless he was... he couldn’t be, I mean it’s impossible, how could he be, immortal.” Immortality allows a person to live forever” Miles was confused. “This makes no sense, but...” Miles looked down. He mustn’t have read it for years, that’s why he has forgotten about the dangers of going out to find it. He wants to take over the world but he must have forgotten the powers he will be releasing if he finds and unleashes the box. “What doesn’t make sense?” his mum asked. “It’s complicated. Let’s leave it at that.” Miles answered. Miles scrolled up, and clicked on a world map marked with several [X]s. He printed it out. Everything was coming to him all at once. He grabbed a bag and stuffed the map, extra clothes, some of his books, GPS navigator, iPhone, pocket Wi-Fi, charger, extra money he had been saving up, a sword from the mantle, food and water in his bag. “what do you think you are doing?” his mum asked. “I’m going on an adventure!” Miles smiled excitedly, burning with energy. “I’m going to find this box.” “Miles listen to your mum; do you really believe this nonsense, such ludicrousness? Why this is absurd. If you go on this wild goose chase the man may be waiting for one of the people who overheard his ‘story’ to come looking. It would be foolish of you to think of doing such a thing”. “I know Mum but it’s my life, my choices.  Whether it’s to jump off a building, it’s my life and I’m eighteen. Okay?” his mum started tearing up. “I’m going to miss you,” she weeped. He kissed his mum on the cheek gave her a hug “Me too”, and set out on his way.

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