Rapunzel's evil twin sister has been totally forgotten about through the years. She has survived on her own and surrounded by hate, bitterness and misery. what happens when she captures Rapunzel and takes her identity too have the throne? Will the Kingdom be doomed to some dark years or will she be stopped?


1. preface

A carriage bearing the royal crest bounced along the badly-cleared forest path. A wheel came off and they stopped too let the coacher fix it. Two toddlers crawled out, unnoticed by the adults and began too play and explore. The twin girls had long blond hair that passed their knees and sparkling green eyes. Then, they started fighting over who would get a cookie one had in her hand. They were dangerously close to an edge. the one nearest too the carriage, pushed the other. letting out a shrill scream, the girl who was pushed tumbled down the edge and deep into the forest. The royal family searched for days, but could not find that girl. They gave up and announced her dead. The family soon forgot the toddler and so did the people. After a year, no one ever remembered their being two princesses.



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