Tater Toter

Chapter 1 the beginning
Chapter 2 suicide
Done ! ☺️


1. chapter1: The beginning

As I looked out the window and yet again they were fighting ,my parents . My grandmother never likes my mom and told my dad that and got in the middle of things . I would run away .... If I could I broke my leg yesterday by slipping on the cool frost that soon comforted my leg after the fall . Later that month my parents fought for me in the court . My grandmother always told me bad things about my mom and i knew that wasn't true so I would start crying . Sometimes life could be a Tater Toter it has it's ups and downs but I know that my tater Toter has a feather on the other side because my side always and I mean Always end up close to the ground

So as I tidy up for bed my grandfather is watching TV , a baseball game , and is eating sunflower seeds they are my favorite ! As I sit with him a few seconds won't hurt I spend an hour on the couch eating seeds my grandfather was always the most polite person he was the up when that feather got occupied by a ton block . I went to sleep and dreamed a dreadful thought as if that ton block fell off and a bird lost a feather while flying .

My grandfather died I was at his funeral and he was in the coffin and I just couldn't even look at him . It was as my guardian angel left or as the person on the other Toter left and I fell and was on the cement now the cold , hard cement and that was when that truth bomb blew up in my Face .

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