This Moment

Hi I'm Panama. I'm 18. I live in Ireland. I am or was neighbors with Niall Horan. We where best friends growing up but the Niall became a star.


4. Four

I'm 16 and me and Niall are still best friends.

One day after school I came home and my mom just got of the phone with her work people.

"What did they want" I asked mom

"We are be moving back to the US for work stuff" she broke the news.

I ran up to my room and pulled out my phone to text Raquel. Me and her are still best friends.


Pan: Hey I got bad news

Raquel : What is it?

Pan: Me and my mom have to move back to the US.

Raquel: haha stop kidding me.

Pan: I'm not we are moving next week.

Raquel: Really this can't be true I'll die with out you

Pan: I'll die without you two

Raquel: the real question is how will Niall react to you moving.

Pan: Your right ill text you later.

Raquel: Ok bye

Pan: wait we need to hangout sometime.

Raquel: Ok see you later.

~~~~~~~~~I put down my phone~~~~~~~

How will I tell Niall. He'll be devastated. The door bell rang. I walk down stairs and look through the window. HE IS HERE.

I calmed down and open the door.

"Hey Pan"

"Hey Niall "

"I have some awesome news" Niall almost yelled

"Come I have some stuff to tell you" I invited Niall inside

" Ok"

We made our way init the kitchen where Niall made me and himself food. I don't know why but all I know is that he likes his food a certain way and if i do it I'll mess it all up.

15 minutes later Niall is still looking for something to eat. I walk up to him and close the pantry door. Niall being the way he is gave me the pouty face he have me when we where give and I eat the last piece of his pie.

"Why you do that " Niall yelled

" Because there is obviously no food"

"But I need my food NOW"

"Calm down if you can wait a few minutes we can walk to Nandos "


I told my mom that I would be back in an hour or two. And we where off.

Me and Niall's favorite thing to do was sing so we sang on the way to Nandos. Niall's voice is much better that mine he could be apart of a boy band.

------------At Namdos-------------

We sat down at are normal spot and ordered our normal stuff.

" So what did you want to tell me " I asked Niall.

" Oh yea" he said lifting his head up from his plate.

" You know that singing contest. The X factor."

" Yea"

"We'll I'm going to be trying our for it"

" OMG FOR REAL that's so cool you are probably going to win"

" Haha that would be awesome"

I just remembered that I'm moving back to the us. This thought turned me super happy into super sad.

" Why are you so sad" Niall asked me with a worried look

" oh I never got the chance to tell you"

" What"

"I'm moving back to the US"

Niall mouth dropped open and the he dropped his fork.

" Wait you can't. Why do you . YOU CANT " Niall almost screamed.

" I have to it's for my moms business"

" I'll move with you "

" You can't what about the X factor"

" I don't care about the X factor I must go with you"

"No you must stay. I can fell that you will be come very popular."

"Fine but we must keep in touch promise"

" I pinky promise"

Me and Niall both reached out or pinkies and shook them together.

" When are you leaving" Niall asked.

" Next week" I said

After that we quietly paid for our food and left. Me and Niall sang together for what maybe the last time.

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