This Moment

Hi I'm Panama. I'm 18. I live in Ireland. I am or was neighbors with Niall Horan. We where best friends growing up but the Niall became a star.


1. One

I was about 1 when we moved to Ireland. Into a medium sized house in a little city called Mullingar. I was born in the U.S. but moved shortly after.

Going to school was fine but I didn't have any friends except a girl my age , Raquel. She was like me born in the US and moved here at a young age.

I went to a school about an hour away from home because it was made for children who had moved into Ireland from different places. My moms work was about 15 minutes from the school so I rode home with her instead of going on a really long bus ride.

I was always a very shy girl. By the time I was 5 I had grew up enough courage to go and meet my neighbors. Of course I refused to go alone so I made my mom come and do most of the talking.

A lady answered the door with a little boy behind her. My mom introduced us to each other. "Hi I'm Niall" the little boy said quietly. "I'm Panama" I replied.

Niall's mother invited us in for some tea and snacks. While our moms where talking Niall tugged on my shirt. "Do you want to go and play?" Niall asked. "Let me ask my mommy" I said. I tapped on my moms shirt and asked her if I could go and play with Niall. It was a yes I nodded at Niall and we both ran outside.

"What do you want to play " Niall asked. "Tag and your it" I yelled running away. I turned around to she Niall right on my tall so I sped up.

Me and Niall had been playing for a long time and my mom came out to tell us it was time to go home for supper. I frowned at my mom.

"Do we have to go know" I asked mom. " Sadly yes" mommy replied. I turned around "Do you want to play again tomorrow". Niall smiled and nodded "See you tomorrow" he yelled.

Today was one of the best EVER

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