High school

( one direction not superstars )

Haley is 18 and Niall horan the jocks sister what happens when she starts to like one friends will he stop them or does he even know ??


9. the mall part 1

Haley pov

And with that I walked out I was walking to my locker when I heard " Haley wait ,wait " he ran up to me and said " thank god I am a football ( soccer) player " I laughed he had no backpack so I guessed he had gone to his locker I was putting my stuff in my locker " so we are having football practice " " so " I said in the same tone closing my locker laying back on it " I want to take my girlfriend to the mall !!" He said happily " sure " " great " he replied leaning in I stopped him he looked at me weird " we r in school " I reminded him " yeah I knew that love " he said like he knew it the whole time " sure u did baby I said walking out the door we climbed in the car I took out my phone a texted ni " hey going to the mall with a friend " he replied quick " k be home bye 6 " I texted back " sure thing I put my phone up and then said " Lou where were we ?" I said I leaned over and kissed him man I love this and we just stated dating

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