Freddy Kruegar is Back

This is just a random story i created. It was supposed to be like a play sort of, so ignore the name then dashes because that was who the people played and/or said. I got bored and wrote it, hope you like it!!!


1. the challenge

Heather- (while shivering) " that movie we just watched was totally NOT scary. "
Vanessa- (quickly jump up and grab her shoulders) " ahh, haha, I knew you were scared! "
Heather- ( sassy and full of attitude) " nuh uh, I wasn't scared of you or the movie....humph." 
Vanessa- " yeah, right, I can see it in your not dumb you know. anyone could tell  YOU  were scared. "
Heather- " I'll do anything to prove you otherwise, ANYTHING!!! "
Vanessa- " okay, I'll bet you $20 bucks that you cant last until midnight without screaming or sleeping. "
Heather- " well thats a stupid bet. "
Vanessa- " then admit your a scaredy cat and thats why your backing out on this bet. "
Heather- " im not scared and im not accepting your be...... "
Vanessa- " baauch, bauch bauch bauch bauch, bauch... chicken!
Heather- " fine! I 'll agree on your challenge. but i warn you, just because it's Friday the 13th doesn't make me afraid. "
Vanessa- okay then, get comfortable cause I'm heading to my room and going to sleep. you have to stay and wait til midnight. I set 
my alarm clock at 12:00. watch out for the ghost.

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