Dean and Sam investigate a job in Iowa but the monster they'll face is a little out of this world....


3. Carry on my Wayward Son

Taking only a single step into the threshold of the house Dean saw that this man was on the top of the food chain, the smell hit him first, it wasn't that of decayed and rotting flesh that Dean had expected but that of lavender infused with camomile. Or at least that's what Dean  thought. "Smells like crap in here" said Sam standing tall behind him.  "Yeah well let's be honest Sam we've smelled a hell of a lot worse than lavender with gentle infusions of camomile." Sam turned is head slightly to stare deeply into the back of Dean's head as if doing so would somehow unlock the secret of Deans mind. Eventually he gave up, accepted it was just Dean having a Dean moment and moved on. The two brothers strode purposefully on to the crime scene, passing through the main living room, past a flight of stairs which Mr. Smith was having a good ponder at whilst muttering to himself and then into what they presumed was the study. The main reason they thought this was the four, ten foot high bookcases the enclosed them in on all sides. The only other things within the room where: A filing cabinet, a desk that had obviously survived 2 world wars by the state it was in, a computer that looked so old it was probably steam powered and of course, the body. It looked like exactly like the ones in photos Sam had shown him before they had left, a skeleton that was so white and pristine it practically glowed. Bending down Dean could even smell the sleazy aftershave the victim had covered himself in before he had been devoured. Dean asked both of the officers that were manning the door to leave so they could discuss official business. As soon as they had left and closed the door behind Dean looked at Sam and said "Well this ain't a werewolf, I've figured that much out already, I mean werewolves usually leave some parts behind at least."Yeah and it's not a ghoul they normally leave the bodies, maybe a really pissed sprit?" As he said this Dean pulled out his EMF meter and made a general scan all around the room, starting and ending in the same corner. The EMF meter didn't make a signal sound apart from the gentle hum to symbolise that it was on and yes it did work. Dean looked at Sam. "Nadda" he said with a gentle shrug of his shoulders. "I guess the only thing to do now is to turn this place upside down looking for a hex bag, that if it's still hear and the police haven't tagged and bagged it"' Sam nodded in agreement and got to his hands and knees to look under the cabinet when suddenly the door burst open and the strange man from Scotland yard came bounding in his eyes grinning with the excitement of a small child with a cardboard box. He eventually came to a stop directly in front of the two brothers and watched as Sam pulled himself up off the floor and rose to his full height, to which the man was the only one he didn't tower over and whilst the boys did their best to look menacing all the man did was smile gleefully at them. It was the man who spoke first. "So what do we have here then?" He said rocking forwards and back on the balls of his feet. Dean made a quick glance at Sam before turning his gaze back towards the strange man, now that Dean was closer to the man he could see the man clearly; the contours of his cheek bones as they drew your attention away from the mutton chops which decorated each side of his face and towards the observing brown eyes that the man had and whilst they looked young and joyful Dean could see how heavy they where, he knew who ever this man was he had seen conflict. They reminded him of his father's eyes, they both had that look in them that practically screamed out how tired they where and unknown to both Dean and Sam it was a look that they had adopted themselves without realising. Once Dean had breathed in every inch of the man and had a good judge of his character, he finally decided to speak, taking a similar tone to which he had addressed the officer who had stood watch at the door with a little more respect. "... and you are?" Said Dean. "Oh yes!" Exclaimed  the man as he blinked as if he had suddenly been awoken from a deep sleep he then reached into his long over coat and retrieved the same black wallet he had shown the officer at the door, he then unfolded it in the way a usual officer who present his badge. "I am Mr Smith from Scotland yard" he said with a grin. Both Dean and Sam looked at each other confused and slowly moved their hands to hover over their hands above their holstered guns. Sam decided it was his turn to speak. " Sir that paper is blank." A surprised expression quickly ran across Mr Smiths face. "Oh" he mumbled to himself as he turned the blank wallet to himself and then looked back at the boys "you boys are smarter than you let on" he said as placed the wallet back into his overcoat. The boys were ready to pounce on the man if he brought out anything that they deemed a threat but after a few long seconds a man produced a wallet similar to the last but this one had a logo of what Dean could see was a worn logo of a globe with a pair of metallic wings protruding from it and the letters U.N.I.T beneath that. He then unfolded with more confidence then he had the other, the card within looked similar to that of a British passport with the man's face in the left hand corner and his information to the left and beneath the picture. Dean scanned over the whole thing taking the key details before Mr Smith interrupted his thought processes "Doctor John Smith, chief scientific officer from the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce I've been specifically sent here on her majesties own words to investigate this particular crime itself, the Scotland yard is just a ruse we officials like to use and it usually works on the majority of people yet not you guys which is unusual" Doctor Smith scrunched his face slightly in a puzzled expression, before un-furrowing his brows and looking back to the brothers. "So now gentlemen" he said as he slid his credentials back into his overcoat. "Do we feel comfortable in telling what's going on here then?" He then slightly pushed his head out while out tucking his chin in "Hmm?" he questioned further and before Sam could come up with long and overly complex way of saying they had no idea Dean blurted out "Honestly we don't have a single idea" Both Sam and Doctor Smith looked at him in slight surprise, Dean just looked at Sam and shrugged as if to say 'well it's not like we do know anything is it?' After looking at both the brothers again in sheer amazement at how dysfunctional they where he decided it was up to him to break the silence once again. " Well then gang," he said as he pulled out a pair of glasses and placed them across the bridge of his nose, "lets split up and look for clues!" Dean and Sam just looked at him wondering at how someone so dysfunctional was working for some top secret government project.

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