A girl dream

A girl called Bella had a big dream..Would it come true? #NeverSayNever #BeYourSelf #StayStrong


3. Bella's idea.

So you guys still wonder what's Bella's idea? Just read! =) .



"Bella! Come here, lunch is ready." (Bella's mom said). "Okay mom, i am coming." (Bella said).

I ran down stairs to join my family eating lunch. I got my set, and started eating. Suddenly my sister said to me: "What you did in school today?" I answered her saying: "You know nothing new." I said it while i'm making her feel that i am bored from this question. Then we all became quiet until we finished eating. My mom started washing the dishes, and my sister started cleaning the table. Then i went to my room to open my laptop and see more singing covers on youtube to get more ideas about it. I also went to news, i found that my school is going to make a singing contest. I said to myself that it's my only chance on my famous way! I need to join it.


(Next day)

I woke up at 7 am as every time. I went to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, change my clothes and to brush my hair. Then we i became ready i went to the kitchen.

That was what bella wore.

"Good morning sweetie, come and have your set. I already made your breakfast." (Bella's mom said) "Good morning mommy. Wow i am so hungry, this food sounds delicious." (Bella said). My mom started looking at me while i am eating. "Mom why you're looking at me?" (Bella said). "You grew up so fast, i can't imagine how cute you are. God bless my babe" (Bella's mom said). Then i got shy and smiled at her face without answering her.

Then we went to ride the car. I started looking at the window, and my mom started driving. Until we are school. My mom hugged me and said: "I'll miss you baby, take care". Then i entered the school. All what was on my mind is to write my name in the singing contest paper.

I finally arrived there, but sadly there was no place for me. I started crying..


(After School)

My mom came to take me from school, i was so sad. She asked my why i am sad. I didn't answer and started lookin at the window crying. When we arrived to home, i ran to my room crying on the bed. My sister ran behind me, she knocked the door. I said "No one enter please!". She didn't listen to me and opened the door. She came next to me and touched my hair and told me: "Every thing will be alright, just don't give up on your dream". I answered her saying: "But the singing contest is tomorrow, there is no chance" She answered: "Just don't give up on your dream".


(Singing contest day)

I woke up early, to prepare myself to go the contest just to watch. My sister will be coming 

with me also. We prepared ourselves and changed our clothes.


That was what Bella wore.

That was what Bella's sister wore.

We went to the school's singing contest. We got our sets. We watched the members singing, my sister hugged me and i started crying so hard. When we finished , me and my sister went to the members prepare room. My sister got a guitar and started playing it. Then i started singing. The famous singer who was judging heard my voice so he stopped walking with his bodyguards listening to me. Then when i finished, he entered and clamped for me and his bodyguards. He told me that i am the winner, and i am i need to make a music video and be a big famous, he never heard a voice like mine. Then i started crying and hugged him. Then my sister hugged me and all started clamping again. I screamed I AM FINALLY IN MY WAY TO BE A FAMOUS SINGER!




Do you wonder what will be in chapter 4! Bella will start her famous life.

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