A girl dream

A girl called Bella had a big dream..Would it come true? #NeverSayNever #BeYourSelf #StayStrong


1. About Bella.


My name is Bella, i am 15 years old. I am from U.S.A, i have one sister and one brother..I am having a bad life because my school girls & boys that never believed on me and on my dream..Oh forgot to tell what is my big dream! I always dream to be a famous singer that is loved by all. But people thinks my voice is ugly and i can't even be a singer..I always get bullied because of that. But do i give up on my dream? NO! Maybe i look ugly but no! My sweet idol Selena Gomez said to be yourself and she singed her song "Who Says" saying who says you're not perfect...So my face wouldn't bother me to be a loved singer. And why not my dreams come true? As Justin Bieber said "Never Say Never" And why i would listen to all these bullying on me? As Demi Lovato said "Stay Strong" All that helped me to complete my way. But maybe i be one of those singers who saved too many people's life? WHY NOT?


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