Which Direction

Vanessa is a 19 year old girl who lives next to Justin Bieber. Her family is so rich, But what happens when she meets the biggest boy band of her generation.


1. Meeting Vanessa

JB: Hey Vanessa I'm going to be in Vegas for the weekend so can you take care of my house, and cars?

Nessa ( Vanessa): yeah sure no prob have fun

Nessa pov

Yeah yeah yeah I live next to JB what a big deal. There's a lot more to it my mom is owner of Coach, Dulce and Gabanna, And Chanel. Well part owner her family is. I am turning 20 today and I was in the Olympics. I won best competitive swimmer. I am now in a music group called The Fab Four. It's my friends Calista, Diane, Gwen, and me. We haven't met one direction yet which I am really hoping to. I am the only one in the group without a boyfriend. My dad is the co- creator of Apple. My brother is a general in the army. So that me I live with my family and we love each other dearly.

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