black wings 2


1. The banishment.

Crimson covers the sky as I step out from the house, the heat of the bonfire hit my face like a wirlwind. Music from the old times rang out from the crowd of fire fox demon gathered together to celibrate the achivement of yet another defeat in the chibi sector. I hurried out of the hut and down the curving path to the celebration. Half way down the path cut in two on the left is the feast, on the right was the black forest, trees whispered in the wind, birds slept and the path was narrow. What I just did, what I'm running from. My feet moved and started to run, run towards the forest as the sound of singing grow fader with every step, i thought about my little sister and my mother. How their going to feel when they find out, its going to break my sisters heart. But if I stayed, if I dont go, then my sin will surely kill them.


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