The Last Dancer

Liberty is a 16 year old dancer who is the last human alive, as the world burns around her, she does the thing she loves most, dances.


1. The Last Dancer

I take a deep breathe, and the smoke pours into my lungs, causing me too cough and hack. I stood in the centre of a plain, the ground charred from fire and the remnants of the past life. The flames around me crackled and popped in enjoyment from my pain. My red pointe shoes faded and torn, the short white dress I had worn during my last performance almost black from ash and fire. The world had ended, humanity had no hope.

And as the afternoon sun set upon this dead wasteland, I danced. My body in tune to the music flowing from my heart. As I spun on my toes along the dirt I remembered my family, my mother, father and annoying little brother. They were all gone from this world. Everyone was gone, except me.

I leapt into the air my legs flying out in different directions and my arms raised in an 'L' shape across my body. The torn red ribbon tying my long brown curls behind my head flicked across my vision.

I lifted my leg into a split then fell into it, spinning on my toes further along the dirt plain. I thought of my friends, and how their blood stained the ground when the roof collapsed on top of them. It had been only days since all that I cared about died, but it felt like years. Tears began falling from my eyes, but I continued to dance.

I jumped into mid air split as a short tremor shook the ground. Pillars of fire erupted around me when I landed. I continued dancing but stumbled as sobs shook my very core. Tears flowed like rivers from my eyes when I tripped and fell to the ground. Sobbing on the ground I died as flame rent my being apart.


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