The Bachelors

All the boys have been single for a while and are looking for somebody who loves them for them. What will happen when you have 40 girls fighting over 5 boys???


3. Bachelor dates part 1

Chapter 2

Later that night all the girls were sitting in the living room hanging out when Ryan the host came in (R-Ryan G-the girls)

R-hey girls

G-hi Ryan

R-ok so tomorrow the guys are having group dates with five girls per guy so 15 of you won't have a date so you'll have to work extra hard for the rose. Every week we will get rid of five girls.

G-ok sounds good

R-the note that says who you're going to be with will be here soon so I better get going bye girls

G-bye Ryan

After that the note arrived and said that Hannah, Ashley, Maerynn, Molly, and Lily were going with Louis. Nikki, Morgan, Julianne, Olivia, and Mary were going with Niall. Paige, Maddie, Ansley, Mary Louise, and I were going with Liam. Grace, Anna, Amelia, Abby, and Leyla were going with Harry. And Sydney, Pamela, Maggie, Emma, and Annie were going with Zayn.

The next morning I woke up and realized I had two hours to get ready so I took a shower and got ready. When I was done I had twenty minutes so I went downstairs to see Paige looking for something to eat. We talked a little bit before we both got bagels and cream cheese to quickly eat. When we were almost finished Maerynn came down and looked disgusted and talked about how fat we were going to get because of that one bagel. Paige and I just rolled our eyes and did last little touches to our outfits.

When Liam got there he said hi to all of the girls going with him and then we were off. When we got into the limo we all started having different conversations. I was talking to Paige, Mary Louise, and Maddie while Ansley kept trying to flirt and be "hot". Partially through our conversations about whether volleyball or track was better I looked over to Liam and I saw him looking over at us like he needed help so I decided to tell the other girls my plan. Then after I told them I started talking to Liam.

(L-Liam H-Heather)

H-hey Liam where are we going for our date

L-were going to the zoo

H-OMG yay I love the zoo I hope we see a koala because they are just soooo cute.

Other girls besides Ansley-we love the zoo too. This is going to be so much fun.

Ansley-ewww I have to be surrounded by all these gross animals that are stinky and stuff?? Ewwww

We got to the zoo and we all got so excited. Liam said that we were all going to stick together for this date. As we went through we saw lots of animals but the best part was when we got to a game area and Liam won all the girls little stuffed Woody dolls. They were the cutest things ever. It turned out to be a great date even though Ansley was being rude and snobby. When we got back Liam stopped me before I went inside and gave me the date rose and said that this beautiful rose was meant for a beautiful girl. I just blushed and he looked at me and gave me the rose and sighed in relief.

(On Louis' date in Hannah's pov)

I was finally ready for the date and I heard Louis say he was taking us to make our own ice cream at an ice cream parlor. I thought it was so sweet and I couldn't wait. When we got there I was the first one out while all the other girls were trying to flirt with Louis. He looked at me for help and so I said hey girls look they have fat and sugar free ice cream isn't it just the healthiest thing ever?? The girls were excited and ran over to the sign when Louis got up and walked over to me and thanked me. We finally made our own ice cream and mine turned out the best because I actually listened to the instructor instead of trying to get Louis' attention like the other girls. At the end of the date I was kinda glad it was over because all the girls did was fawn over Louis. I like him but there's no need to fangirl about it.

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