These are my STRONG opinions about stuff, whether is 'Hendall' or 'Haylor' or just really annoying shit.


5. Narbara

Ok, Niall confirmed that Barbara and him were just fiends. My god did I just say fiends. I meant friends.


Yeah again, I was jealous, since Niall has been my fav from the start, but again, it's never going to fucking happen! Sure, have your fantasies and dreams, but hating on them isn't going to help.


Media make up stories that break celebrities. (Talking about media now XD) hell Liam went on a rant a bit all on twitter about how he's sick of it. I don't blame him. Media Create absolute crap about all stars and it's so BULL! I understand that they do it for publicity and money, but these are real people we are talking about! They have feelings! Media and hate have something in common: they both create depression and suicidal thoughts. Eventually one direction will crumble to pieces if we keep doing this.

fuck you all media. Fuck you all haters. I fucking die in a shit filled hole.

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