5 Mates

18 year old Brittne is walking home to her doom room from starbucks but she hears a scream. what will she see? will it change her life after that day? find out in 5 Mates.


1. starbucks

Brittne pov 

I was walking home from starbucks it was supper dark and scarry i hate waling home at night. there were two boys 18-22 that were surrounding a girl and eating her. It was the most grossest thing i have ever seen they had her blood all over there face. i started running home and they saw me they started running after me I never ran so fast in my life it was supper scary. once i got close to my dorm i started running faster. i made it to my dorm and rand to my room i told my girls Kenzie and Celina. the girls did not believe me so we were in our room watching the notebook and the next thing i know........



hey u sexy puppies im sorry for the short chapter 

i will update soon love u  

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