Hidden secret | H.S

"This is the time in my life where my love for you begins to turn into hate , I got hurt once and I won't get hurt twice.''


1. H.S: Introduction

 Hidden Secret : Introduction



Genesis POV

My sister and I have been in an orphanage since I can remember.

 I never liked going to school like


There always had to be someone who gave me s dirty look or a rude comment

And it happen every single day.

I never really understood why , I'm a very shy girl I barley spoke and yet 

I think I was the most hated girl in school.

But slowley the end of school came closer and closer until I  finally got it over with.

And sooner or later I'll just become his Hidden Secret. 














For the people who acually read this story 

I will rewrite this story , same characters just different background

 Overall a different story , I hope you guys like this one .

Please like and favorite this story and don't forget to become a fan .

I honestly want to thank the people who did like my story Hopefully you guys will like it 

Thank you .

~ Julissa *

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