We were bestfriends what now

You and justin were bestfriend bit then something change
Will they be back to be bestfriendrs they could become boyfriend and girlfriend or they could not talk never again read to now what happend??


1. Trowback

YN pov

i woke up today its the 17 aniversary of me and justin be bestfriends


our mom were really close they were like sister and my mom(amy) have me the same tear that pattie have justin so we were close at the age of 2 we began to talk and become best friends we the at the age of 8 he start to upload videos we tell me that someone name scooter tell him that he can became famouse he invited me everywhere he was his beliebers never give me hate because they know that we are best friend nothing more

*at the moment*

justin pov

today its me and yn 17 aniversary

i have to said that i think i love her but i know she only look ay me only to be bestfriend the only one that know that i like yn its ryan and chaz

yn pov

so i was walking to justin house and open the door because he know me and pattie tell me that i can come in everytime

you: JUSTIN!!!

justin: YN!!!!

you:happy aniversary

justin: happy aniversary

you: wanna watch today movie time



today yn look gorgeouse i want to tell her that i love her but i dont know how


so tell me if you like it

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