Yesterday was Tuesday and every other day for the past week has been. The same thing everyday. Hopefully Sherlock can stop whatever this thing is and solve the case


1. The case


Sherlock and John where walking home from a small case as they rounded the corner of the street and 221B baker street came into view they saw a young girl 15 or 16 sitting on the steps of their flat. She looked rather upset. As Sherlock and John got nearer she glanced up and saw them. She hastily sat up and started to briskly walk away. Sherlock and John stopped for moment thinking about calling after her but decided against it. They walked up the steps and started to enter their home. But right as they did the girl quickly turned around to face them and blurted out "Your Sherlock Holmes right?" Sherlock sighed slightly as he turned around and met eyes with the girl. "That's correct. Why are you asking?" The girl started to explain to them about how she desperately needed their help and that there was something terribly wrong. John who was standing behind them said "I think that this is a case Sherlock" he turned to the girl "please come in" he said beckoning to the door of the flat.

They walked inside and sat down in the living room Sherlock started to ask the girl what happened when Miss Hudson walked upstairs. “Sorry to interrupt anything but did the power go out earlier? The clocks aren't working.” John replied “not that I know of hear let me see if I can fix it” he said heading down the stairs after Miss Hudson. Now that that was taken care of Sherlock turned back to the girl. “So you already know that I’m Sherlock. Why don’t we start off by you introducing yourself?” “I guess I should have started off with that” the girl said laughing she continued “My names Clara Miller. I would have told you earlier it was just that I was so scared that you wouldn't help.” She finished but quickly added “You’re going to help right?” she said starting to look frightened again. “Well I don’t really know what the problem is yet. Would you care to explain?” he replied “oh of course sorry.  It all started about an hour or two ago I don’t know exactly it’s not like I can check the time. All the clocks just stopped right at 12:00 All over the world or at least all of London. Now can you help me” Clara asked. “Give me a minute I need to try to figure out what’s going on” Sherlock said pulling out his phone checking the time 12:00 he looked at the clock in the kitchen 12:00 he checked everything that could tell the time. All at exactly 12:00 ok so maybe it’s just 12:00 right now he thought he sat down and waited letting time pass.  After what should have been a couple of minutes he checked the time again. Still 12:00…

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