Unexpected love

Andrea and Harry styles use to work in a bakery together. Then Harry tried out for X factor and made it big with 4 other guys. Harry comes back to visit with his bandmastes one of them meets Andrea and their life changes.


1. chapter one

Andrea pov

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. Which meant it was time for work. I work at a bakery. I started working there with my best friend Harry Styles when we were like 15 and I've held the job ever since. Harry didn't; of course we all know that he's in a band now called ' one direction '. I'm happy for him because that's always been his dream. I remember us talking on hours about how he wants to become a professional singer and now he is.

I get out of bed and headed to my closet. I got out a pair of khakis and my normal red short with our logo on the side of it. I quickly put that on releasing I was running out of time. After I put that on I brushed out my blonde wavy hair into a pony tail. This morning I didn't even bother with the make up. So I just walked down stairs grabbed my phone, an apple, and my car keys and headed to work.


"Good morning Andrea how are you today?" Barbra asked.

"I'm doing well thank you for asking." I say back politely.

I heard a ring at the door so I knew it was a customer. I ran to the register and took their order ;

"Good morning my name is Andrea, how can you help you today?" I try to say nice as possible.

It was a short little old lady with maybe her grandson.

"Yes I would like 2 loafs of white bread and what kind of cookies do you want Andrew?" She asked her grandson.

"Chocolate chip!" I laughed slightly at his happiness.

"Okay that would be right up!" I say.

I went to the back put a batch if chocolate chip cookies in our bakery bag and grabbed 2 white loafs of bread.

"That would be 10 dollars mam." I say handing her her items.

"Alright thank you have a nice day!" She says giving me a 10 dollar bill.

"You too!" I say happily.

I was about to go to the bathroom when I heard someone scream 'BARBRA!' And I knew it was the one and only Harry Styles.

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