Hired For Irwin

Ashton Irwin and his bandmates have started to become big. Modest! Manegement decided to you know, be their managers and all because they are the opening act for One Direction. a month before the tour starts, manegement decides they need to have girlfriends. yes all of them. to have a 'better image.' when all the boys get their girls before ashton and seem to get along with each them, he wonders if he will get along with his. when Elle arrives with a horse in tow, they are wary of each other and cant seem to get along. will they start to like each other before tour starts or will they need to act?


1. You Got the Job

sorry guys this is gonna be short. i dont have much time when i get home from riding. i get home around 7 and i have another fanfic that im writing called My YENT Trainer please read it!

Elles POV

"c'mon Elle you can do better! this time dont knock the jumps. clear them all and you can clear them all!" i hear my trainer yell. im a 17 year old show jumper. i have been for about three years. i used to be a barrel racer until my horse Captain got injured and had to be put down 5 years ago. i didnt ride for a year after that. but i realised that if he were here that he wouldnt want me to stop riding. so i took up english for a change. i live in Sydney Australia. i moved in a few weeks ago. now my horse Bache (its pronounced Baa Chay) and i ride for a barn that is across the street from me. we live out in the country. im one of those girls that can go mudding and drive 4-wheelers and to go riding out when its hot or freezing outside. i live with my dad. my mom left us about a year ago for another man, taking my two sisters with her. my mom and i were never close. but i wasnt close with my dad either. oh well i would much rather stay here. as Bache and i go for another round, we went faster, beating our fastest time and clearing all the jumps. if you asked my dad why i rode, it would be because i wanted to scare the living crap out of him everytime i rode and make him spend lots of money on a horse that is probably only worth about $1,000. oh well. after that we go back into the barn. its gotten dark out so i untack Bache and then hop onto the ATV i brought and ride home. i guess you could say we were rich. we have 678 acres, a nice ranch house that is two stories tall and has a big basement. 400,000 square feet for just my bedroom. it looks out over Baches paddock, which i asked if he could be in that one paddock. i have a balcony and a connected bathroom that was carribean blue and gray themed. and my room was white with black and white stripes theme for my bed and couch accented with yellow and blue pillows. i also had a flat screen tv in my room. we have a huge kitchen that has a big fridge and two ovens. you could say my dad really likes to cook. our house has 6 bedrooms and has an indoor pool with a water slide that becomes a tube and takes you outside and back inside, letting you into the pool. then we have a work out room and finally an office for my dad. outside we have a patio for bbqs and hangouts. we also have a inground lazy river pool with a hot tub and a water proof flat screen tv in the hot tub. yeah myhouse is great. i have two cars a RAM truck and a cherry red mustang. i also have 3 four-wheelers and all that fancy stuff. we have a lot of other stuff for when my siblings visit us. thats not very often though because my mom dagged them out to New York in America. How do we have enough money for this house and still have enough money to keep Bache at the barn across the street? my dad works for Modest! Manegement. "Elle?" i hear my dad ask. "yeah?" "can you come into my office now please?" i walk in and there are two other men there. one is kinda cute and the other is kinda old looking. i sit down and look at my dad. "Elle this is a co-worker and Ashton Irwin. he is a drummer for Five Seconds of Summer. he and his band are opening for One Direction on their tour and his band needs fake girlfriends. Honey, are you willing to be one of them?" he asks. i look at him skeptically "whats the catch?" i ask. "Elle, you wont be able to train everyday but you would still be able to see Bache. you would have to go on tour with him as well. just act like a couple in public. and you cant tell anyone if you agree." "well daddy its not like i have anyone to tell but Bache.... can i tell Bache?" i ask. okay okay maybe i can be a little bit of a butt but if i wasnt, then that wouldnt be any fun right? "Elle" "okay okay sorry dad. okay ill do it." i sign the contract and stuff and dad smiles. "Elle, meet your boyfrien Ashton." i roll my eyes and walk out. okay yes bratty move but when im done im done. i dont want to be in this conversation anymore. i will see that guy later anyway. besides, the tour isnt for a month so we have time to get to know each other. i guess you could say im hired!

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