After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


1. Wake up you badass!

My name is Angel and i`m Justin Bieber`s bestfriend (If we can call it like that yes than i am) and i live on Calabasas.Yeah, i live with Justin Bieber.But it`s not really cool stuff cos nobody know i live with him and i can`t go out at the day just when night come.I got brown eyes,brown hair and i`m real badass when i want to something i would get it.And when i can kick everyones as if someone get me mad or piss me off.That`s the same,right?

"Get up you badass!"Justin shouted in my ear.I oppened my eyes and punched him in stomatch.

"Ouch!"He yelled and i did not cared about it.I stood up and walked to bathroom wearing just my panties and over-sized shirt.My belly was showing up but i didn`t care.I did took a shower and put some clothes on but to do that i had to go to take something from my wardrobe so i just walk over room with i small towel around me while Justin was still in room.If you think i`m a perv i`m not i just don`t care Justin has seen me million times like that so i don`t care.He was laying on my bed watching TV waiting for me.I got out and walked over the room to my wardrobe.Took my clothes and started dressing up.I felt someone check me out and no one could do it but Justin.I smirked and kept dressin up.I putt my black laced panties on and a laced black bra and he couldn`t see anythin`.I putt a black tight jeans,big long shirt and combat boots.I turned around and now Justin was up smirking and checking me out.

"If you are done checkin me out i would like to go to breakfast!"I said and he looked at me.Smiled and leaned me to the door,oppened it and i stepped out of the room.While walking downstairs i realized someone girl was laughing in the kitchen and it wasn`t Allison.So, i just walked in and saw......Oh,c`mon seriously.I don`t need YOU know. 

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