After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


16. New Start!

I landed in Strattford and got of the plane.The crew waited for me so we can all go home 'cos i was so tired from the plane i wasn`t sleeping all night.I left the mountain 'cos i`m still not ready to whole world find out about me and Justin.It`s just to much.And from now on this is going to be my life without Justin and all shits that were happening to me since i`m with Justin.

Everything changed!

Week later...

It`s been a week since i left the house on mountain and Justin has changed a lot since then.He started drinking and smoking but i can`t complane 'cos i have changed more that he did.I started smoking too and everyone is worried about me.Me and Fabricio are doing good,we`re together now,we`re seeing each other everyday when he isn`t working.You know working if can say like that.The ring that i left to Justin is always on his hand,he is never taking it off and i`m glad that it is like that.That ring is from my father,he left it to me when i was little and when they both died.My father was an gang boss so he had a lot of money.Of course he was gang boss he was Mexican also my mother was,we left Mexico when i was three 'cos mi papa (i call my dad like that) had work here in Strattford and that`s how i met Justin.So..enough of my life.Right now i`m sitting in my living room alone alright not completly alone there is Karma.At least.I got up from the couch and started walking to the kichten.I made my way in and oppened the fridge and turned on the TV in kitchen.I took out the beer and sat down behind the counter.The news were on and so i turned the volume a bit higher.

       Justin Bieber has recently gone wild but no body was excpecting this.He got arrested in Miami for DUI.He`s been driving over limits and now everyone is waiting what the judge will say.He is going to stay in prison whole night.

I spilled whole beer on counter and rushed to living room to take my phone.I took it and dialed the crew.It was and group call.They all answered at same time.


I put it on speaker and ran in my room upstairsPut my phone down on the bed and started packing my stuff.

Me:Hey guys!Start packing!Fast!

Crew:Why?Because of Justin?Why would you want to go to see him.

Me:Yeah he`s in prison and we are going so we can all kick he`s ass off!I`m so pissed right now!

Nick:Alright babe we are with you in everything so let`s do this on our way!You want?

I started to think for a second.Our way?Would it be worth it or should i just kick his ass of and leave him ther.I told him to stay calmed but he didn`t listen to me,he had to make another shit that i would pay for the most because it hurts so much!what should i chose?

Me:Yeah,Nick!We`re gonna do it our way!We have too!

Mia:Alright then be on airport for 10 minutes we`re gonna meet there.

Crew:See you there,baby girl.

Me:See ya guys!

I took my phone from the bed and pressed the end button and through it in my bag.And dressed up in this:

And did my make-up:

Took my suitcase and walked out of the room,downstairs to see Karma standing on the couch looking at me.

"What should i do with you beautifull when we are all going to Miami?"I said to her in sweet voice and just remembered that i could leave her at Pattie`s.So,i dialed her on he phone.


Me:Hey,Mama!It`s Angel!What`s up?

Since my parents died i have been calling Pattie mama and Jeremy papa.'Cos they have been so good to me and caring.

Pattie:Oh,baby nothing much just working on some pappers to forget what has Justin got into.What about you?

Me:I`m leaving for Miami to see what Justin`s ass is doing there and so i`ve been wondering if you could take care of Karma 'cos she can`t  go with me.

Pattie:Yeah,sure baby girl i`ll come to your house to take her you go don`t worry 'bout her.

Me:Okay,Thank you,Mama!

We both hang up,i kissed Karma and left the house.I got in my car and still didn`t start it.Should i really let him know that i`m there for him since he didn`t kept his promise to me but i still love him so much?Then it got in my head,he`s not going to get better if he saw me what was i doing but no body has caught me.It`s my falt!


Me and Justin were driving down the hallway and talking,i stopped on red light.It was midnight and the moon was shinenin` on the sky bright.Red Ferrari stopped right next to us.I looked to see one and only James.The one that has been working with my dad and has betrade him.I got mad and looked away so i don`t kick his big fat ass right here.

"What is it?Suprised you see me here?!Well don`t be i just came to visit your father in the cemetery!Hahahahahaha!!"He laughed ironicly.I looked at him,still mad from the way he said those words and now ready to get out of the car and kick his ass.I streched my fist,Justin took it just then.I looked at him and he looked at me scared for what can i do!"What is it Angy?Mad?Sad?or Angry?What is it citty ate your tounge?"

"All three of those that you said now for your good i`m telling you,stay away from me,James!You have done what you have done and it`s not good for you to be close to me!I seore to God that i will hunt you down and kill you,don`t make me do it right now!"I could see fear in his eyes even if he was trying to hide it so it look like he was a bad boy but he can`t hide it from me 'cos i know his ass too good for me to be scared of him.I know his emotions,his fears,everything.He then to my suprise smiled.

"Let`s make a deal!We rase,if i win you do what ever i want and if you win i will leave and you`ll never see me again!"I smirked and gigled at the same time.

"No!If i win...i will kill you!"His exprecion changed and he got really scared.I learned how to hide my emotions so i`m not scared and i learned how to ignore it.He smirked at me.I was driving Justin`s fixer and let me tell ya it is fast as fuck.

"No body would let you kill `em..."I cut him off

"Remembered Jerard!"He stopped smirking.

"O-okay."He sttutered.I put my foot on the gas and looked at Justin next to me.He was just looking at me shaking his head.

"Don`t worry!I`ll be gentle with your car."I whispered.Then turned to James."Ready to do this,Jamesy?Or you regret it?"He shoke his head and smirked again.I`m gonna make sure you never smirk again or maybe you will in HELL!I smirked too."Well then!LET`S GO!"I said and the rase started,his car was close to my car and i didn`t like it.He was to my left side so i turned left and pushed him to the side,and back on my side,we were rasing,Justin thought i don`t know what i`m doing but i knew just what was i about to do.There was unnormal speed between us,as we were speeding on driveway i took out my phone and handed it to Justin.He looked at me and got confused.

"Call Mario!Tell him to come to Several!FAST,JUSTIN,FAST!!"I screamed so Justin would hear me.I turned right and James followed behind,i smirked with my red lipstick.Justin called Mario and told him to come to Several where we usualy go when this situation is up.When Justin said Several,Mario hanged up beacuse he knows what i`m talking about.We were still rasing and there was only five minutes till we`re in Several.I speeded up more,i was close to make this car explode.I lookd at my left and James was there.I looked at him with no exprection.We still weren`t at Several and it`s good James didn`t know what does it mean or where is it.I looked at front and smiled,James was still looking at me and that`s good.He looked in front of him self and PUFF!There was five car in front of him.He stopped and started going back scared 'cos he know what he got into.For me there is a rule if your gonna go against me,than go with a lot of people 'cos nobody goes alone on me.He started going back but failed 'cos there was another five cars around his red Ferrari.He then stopped the car and probbably locked the door,I got out of the car with Justin following me.

"What are you gonna do?"He got next to me.I turned to him,looked over his shoulder and called Daniel.She came to me,i came to her ear.

"Get Justin in you car.I don`t want him to see this."Whispered to her and she nobbed her head and followed Justin to her car and inside.They sat down in there,i signed and walked to James`s car and knocked on his window.He tried to call his crew on his phone but didn`t know that there is no signal over here.I made a sign for him to get out,he shoke his head,don`t believe he did that,i moved to the back a bit and with my leg broke the window and oppened his door.

"Haven`t i told you to do not mess with me."i said and pushed him out.He stood in front of me.

"How did you knew this?"He got scared.

"You mean how did they know that there was a rase?...HAHA Baby we own this place,now let`s give you a transformation,what you think?"I said,moving my hand up to my back catching my revolver magnum 357 and pointing to his forhead.

"No,please,Angel i`m sorry i didn`t mean to upset you please i`m sorry!!"He begged me to not pull the trigger but he has gone to far for me to forgive him.I pulled the trigger and smiled knowing that i have revenged my fathers death.Mario came up to me and took my gun.

"You take care of the body,than meet me and Justin at my house."

"What your gonna do with him,Angel?"Mario asked me while i was looking at Justin who was scared and Mario was looking at body that was behind me.

"I love him to much to hurt him.He`s gonna keep it secret i know that!"Justin was still looking at me and that mouthed 'i love you',i smirked.

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