Scared of love

2 girls take on a big city like London! Did these girls take on more than they can Handel? Watch Ava and Maxi's journey through London. Will they meet there charming prince of a snoggy ass hole?


2. hello. pt 2.

Hi there! Im Ava! I'm 18 and I'm also from Australia! Well obviously! I have long brown natural hair, but if you look closely you will see some blonde strikes from previous time when I've died my hair! I'm quite tan and quite average in height! I have a boyfriend named sam. I've been on and off with him ever since year 7 but were currently going strong, well I think anyway! He had got me a "S" necklace about 4 mounts ago and I always wear it. Always.

As you know me and maxi are best friends. We have been ever since we met in year 7 so that makes it about 5-6 years ago! She was practically my sister, I didn't have any so it was always good having her company.

We have always had the dream to travel and we chose to start of with London. Maxi REALLY also wants to go to America so I said that I'll go with her after we finish up our time in London. Which that is no set date because we can stay there as long as we won't!

I finished high school not too long ago and did pretty well. I really want to be a model or i also did really well in English so also maybe a writer in a magazine! So I'll just have to see where life takes me in life!


I let out an "ahhhhh" when my suitcase was ready and zipped! It was massive and so hard to work with! I had packed mainly winter clothes as it's winter over there now and it gets pretty cold, and when summer comes around if were still there I can buy some clothes! I'll do anything to shop!

I decided I want it face time Maxine to double check the times and that stuff and also see what she's up too

I unlocked my phone with the password "2020" and went to face time "kylie jenner " ( don't ask it had been an inside joke since forever"

I was really hoping maxi would answer

Ringing ringing ringing ring

Then it changed to connected yay!

We greeted each other and let out a few screams because who wouldn't if the were off to London in less than 24 hours with there best friend?!

I asked her what time out flight was to dubble check

And she said "ummmm there at 9.30pm so will meet at the car park ticket machine at 8?

I replied with "let's be honest and aim for 7.30" Typical maxi! she is ALWAYS late. Never trust her to be On time!

I told maxi I gtg have a shower and go to bed as it's already 11.30!

She said she'll give me a text later!

I walked into my wardrobe to quickly pick out something to wear on the plane. It's lucky the flight is early in them morning when it's still chilly out because we would be screwed if it was in the middle of the day because it's summer!

I decided to go with my flower patterned docs, some light washed out Jeggin/jeans and a black v neck Tshirt with my trench coat in Hand luggage! AND of course my "S" necklace !

Great all done

I dragged myself down stairs and into the nice warm shower..

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