Rants about everything

We are about to un-confuse you about stupid little things. Add what you hate in the comments


1. Directioners

I have nothing against these people: (just makin that clear)

It's just everyone makes stories about them, like, "Omg I'm Harry's twin! I'm normal but I'm dating Zayn! Yay me!"

And then people get kidnapped by them!

I mean, seriously: WHY WOULD ONE DIRECTION DO THAT????

And then there's the, "I got adopted by 1d"

One question, "why?"

But I used to like one direction too. I was crazy. I dont mind them now, they just aren't my favorite singers. (That spot is for you, Mr. Sheeran) but sometimes I'd like to read something that's not about one direction. I mean, really, what happened to Big Time Rush!

Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

See what I did there?

In my oppinion, One Direction is nothing like what people describe them as. People say, "My friends and me were at the 1d concert! Then the guys picked us out of the crowd and made out with us backstage. Then we got married and I was pergnant then I came home and saw Zayn kissin another girl! Omg it was soooo tragic!

Yeah, no. That's not happening in real life sweetie.

I guess Directioners can get pretty scary. Once, during morning recess we get for some reason: someone dared this new kid to scream, "I HATE ONE DIRECTION! THEY SUCK!" Well he didn't know about Club Directioner, this group of girls who obsess over 1d. (They all have brain damage) They beat him up and tackled him. He got a bloody nose, black eye, a sprained ankle and 2 teeth knocked out.

So you Directioners are just a liiiitle bit mental cookoo

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