Just a little shot story


1. Just a little shot story

The Perfect Crime

Written by Signe Damgaard Gade

Scarlett wakes up, she shivers. She is ice cold, as if she slept with the window open all night. And she has trouble breathing. She pulls her blanket up to her chin, waiting until she gets her breath under control. She looks at her phone. Soon seven, time to get up. Scarlett crawls out of bed and takes her clothes from the closet in her room. She slips in to the bathroom and puts her clothes on a stool, enters the bath and she makes sure the shower curtain is drawn. Suddenly she smells a burning odor. She takes a lock of her long black hair leads it down under her nose. She washes it twice and then finally gets the unexplained smell out. After the bath she wraps her hair in a towel turban, brushes her teeth and goes into her room again. Her father’s wife is sitting on the couch in the living room. Scarlett ’s stepmother is an international designer she is the most self-indulgent women, Scarlett has ever known. Scarlett is almost sure that the stepmother is crazy. Sometimes she talks like she's from a different decade, and she talks to herself in the mirror. But Scarlett does not use to much time speculation about the stepmother. She often dreamt about her mother, her real mother to be

Nearly an hour later Scarlett is sitting on her dark blue Vespa with light brown leather. She drives straight past a police car which is hidden down a side street. She did not even know that it was there until she heard the sirens. ”Great,” Scarlett mutters ”That’s just great.” She switches off the engine of the Vespa. Scarlett could hear the officer. She unbuckles her helmet and pulls it off her head to see better. Scarlett looks up and sees that it is not an ordinary cop but it is Detective Gray. He is a 24 year old pain in the ass, he and Scarlett have long history together with distrust and strong dislike of each other. “I only drove five kilometers too fast!!” Scarlett protested before he got a word in edgeways. “That is still too fast.” He responds with a cold tone in his voice. ”I have to give you a fine.”

” Are you kidding me”

He writes Scarlett a fine and hands it to her. “It is a danger to road safety. It is no laughing matter”. ”Are you stalking me around the city to find excuses to lock me up?” she asks sarcastically. “Ha, you wish.” and with the words he walks over to his fancy police car. She rolls her eyes at him and gives him the finger when he drives past her on the bumbling road. Scarlett now has to drive to school irritated.

The school parking lot is huge, so is the school with the old red brick. Scarlett finds an available parking spot, rushes into the large prison. The hallway is full of the same ugly lockers since 1982, blue with some gigantic padlocks. 47 paces down the hallway, her locker, but it has changed....

“BARREN BITCH” is written on it in red spray paint. Scarlett knows right away who did it. "That bitch" she mumbles, and beats her hand into the locker door. she grabs her books, and rushes to find Blair.

She is standing in the middle of a circle of admirers and her boyfriend is also worshiping her but in a unobtrusive way. Scarlett walks over there and slaps Blair right on the cheek. Scott her boyfriend pushes Scarlet down on the floor, she rolls over and stands up. Scott dashes forward, but Scarlett is a lot faster than him and she avoids his attack, and punches him right on the cheekbone. “What are you doing!!”yells Ms. Darry, and runs with small steps towards them. Scarlett looks up and sees that this mess will be difficult to get out of if she does not run now. So she does. She runs and runs out of school, across the road, all the way into the woods on the other side of the road. She runs until her head starts spinning, and until black dots dances before her eyes. Scarlett's black t-shit is soaked in sweat, her skinny jeans was ruined, and she just want to get home. All of a sudden she hears a branch snapping under a foot, she flinches. The blood in her veins freezes. A silhouette stands hidden behind a tree. Somebody grabs her form behind and stabs her in the back...

Three weeks later...

'Missing girl found in the woods dead'

William gray is reading the newspaper, he was the detective on the case. He knew her, and the last time he saw her, she was lying cold in the woods with a knife in the back. What a traumatic death. His eyes starts sting and is become wet. He is crying...

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