Ring & Fight

"I give up!" The voice echoed inside my mind.

I opened my eyes and realize, "it's just a dream."
I saw him sleeping peacefully beside me. My dream, my dream is telling me something.
Something about me,
about us, about my past.


1. Won!

"Relax, breath in, breath out." Max said my coach said. "The hatred and pain all of it take it all out to her. Just think that's she's just a dummy." He added massaging mg back and getting me ready for the fight.

"Amanda Brown" and they scream my name cheering and some are booing me.

I walk out the room and in the arena plenty of people is in here. They gonna watch me beating up the opponent or they'll watch her beat me up.

I climb up to the ring and I see my match.

She smirks giving me a smug cold look.

We have 1 minute more to get ready and relax. I put on my gum/teeth protector and and take off my cape. We din't have gloves. This is like a UFC.

Then the bell rings.

Round 1 starts now.

I stood up from my stall and start bouncing while in my attacking pose.

If I win this Im gonna get the $50,000 cash. If I lose just $10,000. Good but If I lose my character will lose her reputation. But this fight isn't going in live show or in a Tv late night show. If you want us to see or watch us fight you come to the arena and watch. If I lose it's not just reputation, Im gonna loose all I own and Love.

I attack her and attack and attack till she can't fight back. "Piece of cake!" I yelled and I put on my weight on her and lock her arm till she gave up.

The bell rings and round one is over. The fight is over. She gave up means I win.

I won the fight.

The event is now finished. I won $50,000.

Im at the locker room changing to my casual clothes.

Once I finished I walk out and Max wave at me.

He runs towards me "congratulation! You Won!" Max said and hug me. "Thank you. It's because you taught me." I said and smile to him. Max is my coach he train me almost everyday. Then someone cleared his throat.

Max look behind me. And look back at me. I nodded at him . And he walk away.

I turn around facing the other person.

"Congrats." Harry Styles congrats me. Then hugs me.

"Thank you, I never expected that you'll be here. It's been a year since the last you coach me and fight with the team. Actually the team that Im talking about is just me and Max. Harry is my Coach too, in Boxing.

"Yeah Im sorry, I got busy with the band. " Harry said looking around . "It's okay. We know that, you are famous. Famous people get busy. " I said and smiles at him . I never met his band mates actually. "You still have my number right? When do you want to train again?" Harry asked me "yeah, uhmm. How about this monday. Im going to rest tomorrow and day off." I said playing with my hands. "Yeah sure. Uhhh I need to go now. See you on Monday." Harry said and we hug again and waved to each other.

"See you." I whispered . His dark green eyes stares at me, his dark features showing. Those muscles. He smirks and walk away, fast merging to the darkness.

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