Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


12. Potter, Weasley and Malfoy

I stuffed half a box of Bertie bott's every flavour beans and a chocolate frog into my trunk before Following Rose and the other girl, who's name turned out to be Amelia Woodcock off the train. I slipped the chocolate frog card into my pocket as I went, hopping down the steps and onto the gravel path.

There was one carriage for all of us, I groaned. The carriages were black in colour, with headlamps attached to the front. It seemed like they were pulling themselves but I knew better. They were dragged along by Thestrals. I hopped in between Rose and Amelia, trying to Ignore the glares Scorpius was shooting in my direction. We sat in silence. I hadn't heard much from the burly fifth year boy, but judging by his bored expression and how he was slouched in the chair, he seemed like more of a Malfoy character.

I peered out the window, rain was falling heavily on the ground but I could see a small outline of the castle. I was magnificent, with its seven stories and many turrets I couldn't imagine anything more beautiful. The ride up to Hogwarts wasn't that long, thank God, before we knew it we had past the black lake and were at the front gates. The carriage pulled to a halt.

The second we stopped, we all scrambled out of the carriage, desperate to see the castle better. Standing in front of the gates, I saw a massive boulder shaped man, about triple my height and, it seemed like he was five times as wide as an average human. Hagrid's shaggy black beard was greying a little but he looked exactly as I had imagined him. "All righ- then, you mus- be the late students, uh, follow me," he waved his meaty hands by his side as he walked up the stone steps towards the castle, gesturing for us to follow. We all followed, Scorpius a bit more reluctant then the rest.

The entrance hall was so big you could have fit my whole house in it. The stone walls were lit with flaming torches like the ones at Gringotts, the ceiling was too high to make out, and a magnificent marble staircase facing us led to the upper floors. There, we were met by Professor Mcgonagal. "Welcome students, to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, you will not be able to be sorted into your house or be able to roam the castle as you wish until the end of your training, may I ask that you stay in your dormitories unless asked to leave by a teacher." She stared walking down a dimly lit abandoned corridor and we all followed. She stopped at a small, rusty looking, wooden door.

"This is where you will be living until you're sorted into your houses." She opened the door, it seemed that they had refurbished an unused classroom for the occasion. "The girls room is through that door to your left, the boys to your right, food will appear here at meal times" she patted a huge oak table that had the Hogwarts crest engraved down the sides every few inches. "Classes start tomorrow at eight am here are your timetables, good luck" she left without another word. Rose handed out the timetables and we went up to our dormitory together, to excited to eat.

That night, I finished Hogwarts: A History by wand light. Rose and Amelia were both asleep, gently inhaling and exhaling in rhythm. I finally fell asleep at three am, drifting off into sweet dreams about the following days...

That morning I was up before anyone else, I was always an early riser. I got into my robes quickly and went down for breakfast. The oak table was covered in toasts, crumpets, eggs and bacon, strange cereals like Cheeri owls and Pixie puffs and an assortment of foods I've never seen before, either because they were English or wizarding foods.

I decided on a piece of toast with strawberry jam and sat at one of the comfy black couches in front of the fire. All the couches were decorated with throw pillows, bearing the hogwarts crest. The rugs were striped with the four house colours; red, green, blue and yellow. This room was the most homely thing I had ever been in. My house was very modern and not very comfortable, this was.

I pulled my timetable out from my deep robe pocket. I had Defence Against the Dark Arts First, followed by Herbology. Just then the boys dormitory door opened. The fifth year boy swiftly walked out, grabbed a pile of toast from the table and walked back in without a word. Was poor little Scorpius avoiding me? I snickered.

Moments later, Rose and Amelia entered. Rose took a piece of toast, without any spread and sat down next to me. "What've we got" she said through mouthfuls of toast. I showed her the timetable. "Hey Amelia," she asked "Do you do the same classes as us?" Amelia was still at the table, carefully serving eggs onto her plate "Yes, we all do, I leave halfway through the lesson, you guys leave next and that other boy leaves a while later." She said without glancing at us. Amelia was sweet, different then Rose and I, but sweet.

An owl swooped through the window and dropped a paper on Rose's lap, she put some wizard money in his pouch before he flew out again. I was very interested in this, I had never seen the Daily Prophet Before. The information was not as exciting... It read;

Hannah Abbott, the accused witch in charge of exposing our world to the muggles over nineteen years ago was broken out of Azkaban last night. We believe it was work done by someone outside Azkaban for she left no trace of struggle. The ministry implies that they were in full awareness that she was an unregistered animegus and was in a specialty cell. Minister of Magic, Mr David Brown, was in fact at the prison on the day of the crime with his friend Mr Stephen Alibi visiting Mr Alibi's son, an accused death eater, neither were available for questioning.

That didn't sound good, Hannah Abbot was imprisoned for something that seemed harmless, but could there be more... An hour later, we left for Defence Against the Dark Arts. We entered the empty classroom where a wise looking old witch was standing at the blackboard "Good morning class my name is professor Galatea Merrythought, I will be teaching you Defence Against the Dark Arts during your training..." We had an enjoyable lesson, we skimmed through the properties of some dark creature, taking notes as we went. Amelia was right, Halfway through the lesson, when we were finishing off Grindylows, Amelia was excused. We then were taught a few defensive charms and did some practises. I disarmed Rose 8 times earning a great load of praise from professor Merrythought. Then we were also excused. The other boy, who's name I found out was Matthew was left alone. Rose, Scorpius and I headed off to our dormitories. "You think you're so great now mudblood?" Sneered Malfoy "Being the new teachers pet and all," "Quit it Malfoy!" Yelled Rose, "Quit it? I was just telling Williams here where she belongs, at home with her mudblood family!"

We were starting to gain attention from the classroom around us. Students were peering through the curtained windows.

"And you should go to your mudblood mother and blood traitor father and tell them that they are a disgrace to the wizarding world and a..." Mcgonagal came striding into the corridor. "Weasley, Malfoy, what are you doing?" God that sounded familiar I was quietly waiting for the name Potter to pop up, and it did... "Potter...get back in the classroom!" The Albus Potter was actually standing there in the same corridor I was, waving madly at Rose. Mcgonagall ushered all the students back into their classrooms and turned back to us "Malfoy, that's detention for you, you do not insult other students due to their blood status..." "But!" "No buts Malfoy, be in my office at seven this eavning.

Rose and I crept slowly out of sight. We headed up to our room to dump our books before going to Herbology.

Walking down the dewy grass to greenhouse three, Rose asked "Do you think that Malfoy will stop tormenting us after the run in with Mcgonagall?" I laughed "Honestly Rose, you are smart, but you're not that bright..."

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