Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


34. A Terrifying Realisation

I had to admit, he had taken most of the gloominess out of the dungeons. The walls were draped with both light and dark shades of green curtains, to heavy to see through but light enough not to make the classroom seem stuffy and overcrowded. On each table, there was a torch, letting off the same whitish blue flame as presented in the doorway.

The usual stone flooring had be replaced with dark wooden floorboards. The curtains on the walls carried onto the roof, connecting in the centre and creating a great canopy effect. All I could think was, I know who does the designing at home.

My dad himself wore clothing that I had never seen him wear before. He was draped from head to toe in robes of emerald green and wore a hat to match, decorated in little beads. Traditional wizard wear, I thought to myself as I lead Albus to a table as far away from the teacher I could get.

We were joined by a girl with long black her and bright blue eyes named Emily Meadows. She seemed nice, I looked under her collar to check the colour of her tie. I sighed with relief as I saw the red and yellow stripes. That bought me to wonder what house my father was in. Griffindor I hoped, not Slytherin.

"Alright class," came the loud but gentle voice of my father from the front of the room. "OWL levels, we will need to cover a lot of content for you to pass the tests." He said with a calm, laid back teacher voice that I've never heard him use before. I noticed that he was avoiding my eye, as if guilty about not telling me about his true identity.

"Today we will be working on the Draught of Peace, it is a rather difficult concoction but I would like to see where this class is up to, particularly since we have three late students."

That time, he did meet my eye, for a split second that felt like all eternity. It was impossible to read his face, something I was usually so good at. Like when I was seven and he told me he wouldn't buy me the first Harry Potter book because he thought I was too young, I saw right through him, I knew that there was another reason and now I know what it was.

The class went silent, finally making the connection, this man, their new teacher, was my father. I caught Rose's eye from across the room. She could see my distress and raised her hand. "Excuse me sir, what does the Draught of Peace do?" She said even though the answer was obvious. Despite all that's happened today, Rose was still my friend and I could possibly be overreacting, Thalia could be a nice girl...

Dad went into a very wordy explanation of the Draught of Peace, in short, it relieves anxiety or stress, something I need right now.

We grabbed out our potion books and got to work. Potions was relatively straight foreword for me, despite what Harry and Ron said in the books. I read through the steps carefully and got to work.

1. Add powdered moonstone until the potion turns green.

Done, easy!

2. Stir until the potion turns blue.


3. Add powdered moonstone until the potion turns purple.

Again, straight foreword enough.

4. Allow to simmer until the potion turns pink.

I watched over my potion and waited. I could see Albus struggling to make his turn purple and Rose across the room just setting hers down to simmer.

The steps carried on, 5...6...7...8 without any troubles, I kept going and going until finally.

17. Allow potion to turn turquoise and leave to simmer before being drunk.

Done! I had no problems but it looks like I was the only one. Students were leaning over their cauldrons, waiting for the potion to change colour or groaning as the added to much burtlap essence. The smoke coming from one boy's cauldron was filling the room and a few students were having coughing fits. I sat there and waited.

I wasn't normally the first to finish in my muggle school, so much had changed since then that I could barely remember what it was like. Lockers, math, english, the most fun I had all day would be science!

Finally I heard a voice coming from the smoke filled distance. "Five minutes left! When you are done, flask your potion and put it on my desk.

I grabbed a test tube and filled it with a large sample of my potion before labelling and stoppering it.

I joined the line to hand my test tube in just behind Rose. She smiled but gave no verbal communication. Had we really gone from bast friends to strangers in a day?

I put my sample on the pile, I was just about to leave when I felt a hand wrap around my arm. I turned and looked into a pair of bright green eyes. "Good job..." Said my father.

I didn't know what he was congratulating me on. The potion? The sorting? Being a wizard? But that was the least of my troubles, as he bent down to speak to me I saw a green and silver pin on his chest, the Slytherin pin.

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