I can't remember anything. At all...


1. Unforgettable

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The girl who can't remember's P.o.V

"Where am I?" I sat up and looked around the room I was in. It was a small room with only a little furniture. There was a round table with one matching chair and the purple sofa I was sitting on. 
''Oh you are awake,'' I heard a girls voice coming from the door. The girl had naturally ginger colored hair and green eyes and was wearing a black dress with a red tie. She was really pretty.  ''Why are you sitting up? You should lie down. You did just suddenly collapsed before after all.'' 
While she talked I just looked at her. I didn't know who she was, but she seemed to know me. She gently pushed me down so I was laying down again. ''Just try to relax.'' She said, before she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. ''I collapsed?'' I thought as I closed my eyes trying to relax. 
Right before I feel asleep a heard someone knock on the door. The door opened and some guy stuck his head in. He had black hair with a blue stripe on one side. His eyes were also blue, though they were a little lighter than his hair. He was also really pretty. ''Are there only pretty people here?'' I thought confused, as he walked in. Then he saw that my eyes were open. ''Oh, your awake.'' He said. His voice was quite husky, but really sexy. ''I'm here to pick you up.  Let's go.'' He started walking towards the door like he was in a hurry. Then he noticed that I hadn't even sat up. ''What's wrong?'' He asked walking back to me, and then sitting down on his knees, by my head. ''Are you feeling sick?'' He put his hand on my forehead checking that I had a fever. I moved a little bit away from his hand, feeling uncomfortable being touched by him.  I didn't know who he was, but he seemed to know who I was. He could probably feel that I didn't like him touching me, because he quickly removed his hand again. ''Are you ok?'' he asked, bringing me back from my thoughts. I realised that I hadn't said anything.
''Who are you?'' I asked instead of answering his question. He seemed really shocked at my question and didn't answer me. For about 10 seconds he was frozen, not moving at all. Then he seemed like he realised what I said. ''You really don't know who I am?'' I just looked at him, irritated. ''That's what I had just said.'' I thought and sat up. Then I saw the look he had on his face. He looked like he had lost someone was important to him. I didn't know what to do so I just sat there, not saying anything. He didn't say anything either. We sat like that for a few moments, until it knocked on the door. We both looked over at it. Another guy, I didn't know, stuck his head. 
His hair was blond with a green stripe on one side. His eyes were also green though a little darker than his hair.
''I'm here to-''He sprede what he was going to say when he saw the black haired guy's face. What's wrong? '' He said, looking at me like I knew the answer. I just sat there looking at him. Then the black haired guy turned his head to the blond haired guy and spoke.  ''She doesn't remember. '' Blue stripe (A/NBlack haired guy) said with a dull voice, still in shock. ''What doesn't she remember? '' Green stripe (A/NBlond haired guy) asked, like I wasn't there. I didn't say anything though, although I was irritated. Blue stripe looked at me. ''What don't you remember? '' He asked unsure, turning his face to me again. 
I thought about it for a few moments and realised that I didn't remember anything at all. And I mean at all. I didn't know where I was and I didn't know who I was. ''I can't remember anything. '' I said terrified. ''There's nothing...'' At first they didn't say anything. But then they introduced themselves. Blue stripe introduced himself as: ''I'm Alex Zigz, please call me Zigz'' Green stripe introduced himself as: ''I'm Dexter Jass, please call me Dexter. '' Since I didn't know my name I just said: ''Zigz and Dexter thanks for telling me. By the way do you guys know my name? '' They looked at each other, then turning their faces to mine again.


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