Here but invisble

Ariel and Ariana is adopted by the Payne household but when their brother Liam Payne goes on xfactor their family turns all attiention to him and they ecipasly ariana feels a little ....... Left out?


3. where we are now

Ariel's POV.

I'm just sitting here i think I have a blank look on my face how am I supposed to know. I look into the eyes of him mister Liam James Payne . I screamed and ran into his arms he hugged me but I hugged him tighter. But then I realized I hated him he left me and Ariana I pushed him back and got so mad I screamed "I hate you" I ran as quickly as I could to Ariana's room she looked at me crazy and I said "he's back"

Hello loves I need characters for the next chapter 30 reads and I'll post chapter 4 baiii

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