If I Were Different


1. I set you free

If I were different

Maybe you would notice me

If I would change my hair

You would look at me more

If I would loose 10-15

Would you say I'm perfect

I wish all these things would happen

But you are not mine

I've been wishing for a miracle

And just having you in my life

Is nothing short of just that

If all the girls in the world would go away

What would happen then?

Would I be your last resort?

Or would I be your first choice?

I am nowhere near perfect but

I can say that after 3 years

The words I love you

Mean a lot more to me now

Than they did before I met you

We may be going our separate ways

But I set you free

And if it's meant to be then we will see who is there for you in the very end

I stopped trying to be perfect a long time ago

And I know now where I belong

Can you say the same?

There are two roads

And I've taken the one less traveled by

No shortcuts

No regrets

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