Protection Program

Richer Davenport, is the princess every mind controller has been waiting for. When her father passes out, she's sent to the 'Protection Program' which is an organisation in charge of protection and developing the power of mind controllers. When words run out that Davenport is inside the facility, everyone wants to find her, as she is the first Mind Controller and Future Seeking girl in the past 18 years.
It's up to her and her new friends to save herself.


25. Diary


Dear Diary:


Here we are, once again in a plane, heading over to God-knows-where... I am sitting far away from the rest of the guys, as I don't want to be part of their super plan of keeping me safe. 


I still don't understand why I am so special, but it appears to be that I need to be kept away from all of those who wants to harm me, but how do I know that neither of the ones who want to 'protect' me want to harm me?


You can only understand how annoying this is too, because Carter is back and no one is letting him be close to me. 


I just want answers, but no one wants to give them to me, if they believe that I am just a girl who can't handle the truth they are so wrong about that...


-Richer Davenport.

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