Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


26. Fix

            I lay still on the soft bed as I began to feel my body again. I felt stiff and sore all over, as well as a weight across my hip. I forced my one eye lid to open, despite how heavy it was. The first thing I saw was a bright light. Soon it faded and my eyes were forced on Jack’s angelic face. He let out light snores as his cool breath came in contact with my face. In this light, I was able to see the imperfections on his face that he gained last night. A small scar stretched from his right eyebrow down to his eye. He had cut the corner of his mouth and a bruise on his on his left cheek bone. Despite his battle scars, he still looked like a gad from the heavens. I smiled as I shut my eyes and snuggled closer to him. I felt him stir as the arm wrapped around my waist tightened.
            “Morning.” He greeted in his morning voice. I ran one of my hands through his platinum hair.
            “Good morning… my guardian.” I greeted back. He opened an eye as a smirk formed on his face.
            “What’s with the greeting Ica? You’ve never called me that before.” He practically groaned.
            “Oh, I’m sorry. Is it a bad name?” I teased. His hand left my hip as it rose to my face. His cold touch caressed the sensitive skin on my cheek.4 “No, no, no.” he whispered. “If you call me your guardian, I get to call you my queen.” A small giggle escaped my throat.
            “Fine. I can call you my Frost Guardian.”
            “Then I get to call you my Ice Queen.” He murmured as his lips against mine.
            “Done deal.” I gasped before making sure our lips came into full contact. The hand that was on my cheek was now tangled in my long hair. My fingertips rubbed against his scalp and slid down to his neck and chest, that’s when I stopped. My palm came in contact with the bare skin of Jack’s chest, not the cold soft fabric of his sweater. I looked down at our bodies to see… I was wearing his sweater, along with no sort of bottoms.
            “What’s wrong?” Jack asked.
            “How did I get like this?” I wondered as I sat up.
            “You don’t remember what happened last night? Or rather before we fell asleep?”
            “I remember crying in front of Cue’s door… and then we came in here.” I recalled. “Oh god, we didn’t…?”
            “No! No. Nothing like that.” He chuckled as he began to stretch. “When we came in the room you started to change. When you made your way to the closet, you almost collapsed.”
            “Let me guess. You made some immature joke about sleeping in my underwear?” I guessed.
            “Actually, you made the joke. That’s how I knew how exhausted you were.” Jack clarified. “You then… started to strip down.”
            “Oh god-“
            “I didn’t see anything. I threw my sweater at you before you actually took off your dress.” He defended. I felt myself relax and the heat from my cheeks began to subside.
            “Hey, I knew you wouldn’t want anything like that, so nothing happened.” Jack cooed as he planted a kiss on my forehead. I quickly stole a lingering kiss from his lips.
            “Thank you.” I murmured against him.
            “Anything for you… Queen Ica.” He whispered returning the kiss. God I just love the way his skin felt against mine. It was soft but strong, like Jack. I could have this sensation everyday if I could, but sadly there will always be interruptions. For example, the knock on the door. I pushed Jack away and quickly threw the covers over both of us. He flopped back down in the pillows and pretended to sleep.
            “Come in.” I called out as I sat cross legged on my bed. My door slowly slid open and Anna’s head popped into my room.
            “Morning!” she cheered as she walked/ skipped in. She stopped when she saw Jack beside me on the bed.
            “Oh… sorry. Was I interrupting… something?” she asked as a blush began to show in her cheeks.
            “No, no! Oh god, no!” I panicked as I got off the bed. I think I made the situation worse. Here I was standing only in my underwear and Jack’s hoodie, along with a bad case of bed head. Not to add that Jack was topless and in my bed, Anna could easily assume he’s nude under the sheet. I tried sitting down again to create less suspicion.
            “Right… I’m not interrupting.” She sarcastically remarked. “Wait, why do you have a cast?”
            “Could you wait outside for a bit? I’ll just get dressed and fix myself up, then meet you out there.” I asked.
            “Sure.” Anna nodded. “Um… Elsa?”
            “He’s gorgeous.” She mouthed as she gave me a thumbs up. She backed out of the room and Jack shot up as soon as the door clicked shut.
            “What was that last part?” he asked,
            “Nothing.” I sighed as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, the weight of the cast helped drag my feet down to the floor.
            “Do you think my leg is okay now?” I wondered as I inspected the cast.
            “Wouldn’t hurt to look.” Jack said jumping off the bed. He walked to my side and kneeled down in front of me. He took hold of my casted leg.
            “Could you?” he inquired gesturing to the cast. My finger traced the side of the ice, essentially slicing it open. Jack slid it off my foot like a boot and removed the bandages with dried blood. He revealed the bare skin of my leg. The bone looked normal and healed, but my muscle tissue looked like bad burns.
            “Point your toes for me.” He commanded. I did so, there was no pain anymore, just a really stiff and sore feeling that was all over my body.
            “That’s good.” He said. “Wanna try to stand on it?”
            “Well I kind of have to.” I teased lightly kicking him with my toes. He stood up taking my hands.
            “Nice and easy.” He encouraged as I was slowly pulled to my feet. There was no pain, one leg just felt weaker than the other. I put one foot in front of the other and started limping.
            “Everything looks good. Just don’t run or do any heavy lifting today.” He concluded as he let me go.
            “I don’t plan to anyway.” I stated. “What do you plan to do anyway?”
            “Perimeter checks. Make sure nothing gets in the castle unless you ordered them to.” he listed as he walked around to stretch his legs. As he walked towards the window, the sun glared on him giving me a breath taking image. Now that he was here in front of me and in proper light I really got to take in his beauty. His pale skin glowed, showing the outlines of his 6- pack and v- lines, not to mention his back muscles that could drive any girl insane. I felt myself turn redder the longer I looked at his athletic body. I turned away and cleared my throat.
            “I have to get ready.” I excused. “So just…”
            “I won’t look. I just need my sweater before I leave.” He chuckled.
            “Oh right.” I remarked. I turned away from him before I lifted the material over my head. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was bare chested. I grabbed my bed sheets and wrapped myself up before Jack could see anything.
            “Take it.” I said as I tossed his sweater towards him. He cleared his throat and looked away as he caught it.
            “Thank you.” He excused himself. “I wasn’t expecting to see that.”
            “Crap, I thought I was covered.” I blushed.
            “You were. I didn’t think you’d do that in front of me…” he trailed as he pulled the sweater over his head.
            “I thought I did it last night.”
            “No, you went in the closet and changed…” Jack clarified.
            “Oh… well… Now you’ve seen me do that.” I attempted to brush the situation off like it was nothing, but in reality I was really embarrassed.
            “Yes, yes I have.” Jack chuckled coming to my side. I made sure the sheet was wrapped around me tightly so it wouldn’t fall. “I have to go.”
            “I know.” I said as I moved my hands to his hips. “Just come back to me.” He pulled me to an embrace.
            “I will.” Then Jack did something I wasn’t expecting. He left a trail of cold kisses started from the top of my right shoulder, up my neck and eventually to my lips. As much as I wanted to make this kiss continue, we both knew we had other jobs to go to. When we broke apart, I stole a quick peck from his lips.
            “I’ll see you soon.” I said. He nodded and walked towards the balcony.
            “Oh, we have to see Sandy tonight.” Jack reminded me before he opened the door.
            “Okay. Just come get me when it’s time.” I suggested. Jack nodded.
            “I’ll be back in a few hours.” He assured me. “Please don’t do anything too dangerous… or fun without me.”
            “Oh. I’ll try.” I giggled. “I love you Frost.”
            “I love you too Ica.” He winked and left the room through the balcony.


            “That took long.” Anna whined when I walked out of my room.
            “Sorry.” I apologized. “I had to take care of some things.”
            “Jack?” she guessed.
            “Yeah.” I clarified. “Breakfast?”
            “Just what I was suggesting.” We made our way to the dining hall together. I knew she wanted to ask questions, but she didn’t want to ask. Instead I started it.
            “I have some stuff to tell you.” I nudged her side.
            “Oh thank god! Please spill everything. Starting from how the break up went.” She rambled.
            “Break up?” I asked confused.
            “Between you and Julian… you did tell him nothing would happen right?” Anna reminded me. A lump rose in my throat and my fingertips became colder than ice.
            “I’m not sure I made it clear enough.” I stuttered. Anna looked at me with wide eyes.
            “What. Happened?” Anna gasped. I took a deep breath in before I poured all the events out. I started from when Julian met up with me, to how he lead me through the forest, how he-
            “He kissed you?!” Anna exclaimed.
            “Yeah… ad Jack…”
            “He saw didn’t he?” she guessed. I nodded my head.
            “It’s all okay though.” I blurted before my sister exploded. “We fixed it and everything… and had a lot of tender moments and such.”
            “I see. Anywho, continue.” Anna stated.
            “Continue what?” A deep voice asked from behind us. Anna and I both turned to meet up with those blue eyes.
            “Julian… hi.” I greeted.
            “Hey Jul! Is it okay if I call you that?” Anna greeted. He chuckled and walked toward us.
            “Sure. My mom calls me that anyway.” He explained.
            “Oh that’s no fun. I’ll have to think of a new name.” she pouted. I noticed that Julian shifted his weight as soon and he laid eyes on me.
            “Good morning.” I greeted.
            “Good morning Elsa.” He said professionally.
            “Uh… I’ll meet you in the dining hall.” Anna said before she walked away at a fast speed. She left Julian and I standing alone in the hallway in silence.
            “Well… we both know that last night didn’t…” he started.
            “Yeah, it didn’t.” I finished. Julian sighed and pursed his lips.
            “If you don’t mind can I ask who? What’s wrong with me?” he asked.
            “No, no. it’s nothing like that.” I defended. “It’s not you at all.”
            “Then… what?”
            “I just happen to meet someone before you asked.” I blurted. He nodded in understanding.
            “Is he here…? Who is he?” he asked as we began walking to the dining hall.
            “He’s out right no. and… I’d like to keep him a secret for now.” I explained. “Listen, Julian. You’re a great guy and everything. Maybe if you asked me sooner I might’ve said yes, but right now I have to say no.”
            “I kind of figured after last night. How about we just stay friends for now?” he suggested.
            “I was actually going to ask you that.” I smiled. “Friends sounds good.”
            “Good.” He nodded as he opened to doors to the dining hall. Anna was talking to Kristoff and Olaf while the servers prepared our meal.
            “Who else is joining us?” Anna asked me as soon as I walked in.
            “As far as I know, just us.” I said. “Good morning Kristoff.”
            “Good morning. And count me out of this. I have to get to work.” Kristoff said.
            “Did you stay the night here?” I asked. The silence that came from the two of them, as well as Anna’s blushing was already a good enough answer. “Alright. Well come by when you can. It always nice to see you.”
            “I’ll try.” He said putting his hat on.
            “I’ll walk you out.” Anna stated as she led Kristoff out of the room. Olaf was right on their tail. Why did Anna enjoy leaving me alone with Julian?
            “Are you hungry?” I asked as I took a seat.
            “Very.” He answered as he sat with me. This morning was featured with breads, fruit and various spreads. We ate in silence, until I broke the silence.
            “If you don’t mind me asking, how long are you planning on staying here?” I asked.
            “Oh, when I’m finding the… person I’m looking for.” He answered.
            “Maybe I know them. I can help you find them.” I offered.
            “I don’t kn- Actually… maybe you can.” He said. “You might have met them when you were younger.”
            “Who is this person?” I asked.
            “Actually. I’m looking for a… troll.” He trailed.
            “What? Like under the bridge? Or-“ I was kidding at first, but then I knew what he meant.
            “The magic experts I guess you could say.” He clarified.
            “Yeah, I know who they are. Why would you want to see them though?” I asked,
            “You’re going to think… you’re going crazy when I show you.” He said as he rolled up his sleeves.
            “What are you doing?” I panicked.
            “Just watch.” He said as he stuck one of his hands in the air. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. I could feel the energy in the room build up towards his hand. Then… he snapped his fingers and opened his palm. I almost fell from my chair; for Julian had bright flames of fire dancing across his palm and fingers. 

Hey guysss!!! So i hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. i wanted to post this asap because i would have made you wait until Thursday which would have sucked. To make it up to you, i made this chapter as long as i could (Meaning it was 13 pages long instead of 6) so yeah. I won't be posting again until either friday or weekend, bear with me plzz because i love you guys. I apologize for any spelling mistakes because i have to work on this really important project that's due in a few days, so wish me luck! Leave a comment telling me what you think of the chapter :) Luv you all! Happy reading ;)

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