Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


47. Finale

            Before you read, i just wanna say this is not the last chapter. i know the chapter's title is 'finale' but this isn't the last chapter. I'm 95.888% sure the next chapter will be the last one :( See ya at the end...

                Without a second thought, I sent streams of ice towards my two servants. I remember their names, Kiki and Don. They collapsed to the floor, so I frosted their ankles to make sure they wouldn’t get up. I was surprised to see that my ice was still black, but at least I had control over my body again.
            “You-!” Pitch started as he stood up from his, wait when did he get a throne? I interrupted him by sending him a wave of my onyx frost in his direction with as much force as I could. It hit him square in the chest and he hit the wall behind him, collapsing to the floor with a groan. I took a deep breath to help relax the tight muscles in my arms. My body’s never used my powers for this long before, but I oddly felt stronger than ever.
            “Elsa?” his voice came from behind me. I felt my heart start to race and tears start to form in my eyes. I slowly turned around to see Jack in a cautious stance, but a hopeful expression. I reached out in front of him, but jerked my hand back when I saw my original pale skin. In fact, the sleeves of my dress were blue again, as well as my skirt. I grabbed my braid and inspected the familiar platinum blond locks I grew up with; tears of joy were slowly building up in my eyes and a smile stretched on my face.
            “Jack.” Was the only word that came from my lips as a tear rolled down my cheek.
            “Oh thank god!” he smiled as he came up to me with open arms. I met him halfway and allowed myself to be engulfed by his embrace. My tears soaked into the material of his sweater as he held me tight to his body. His familiar hands stroked my hair and held me at the small of my back. Despite my muscles protesting as I clung to him, I’ve never felt a better feeling in my life. I looked up from his chest and came in contact with his deep blue eyes. He smiled as he wiped the tears from my cheeks.
            “I could get used to this feeling, Ica…” he grinned.
            “What? Me getting control of my body again? Don’t push it Frost.” I smiled as I went onto my toes and planted a kiss on his lips. Our mouths moved in sync as my hands moved to his hair and he held me closer. I missed his scent, his taste, his touch… him.
            “Would you two snowflakes stop smoochin’ and start fightin’? It ain’t over yet.” A familiar voice said from behind us. Jack broke us apart to see who the voice belonged to.
            “Give us a break Cue! I thought you were all about live.” Jack teased.
            “Not when two love birds, who have powers if I may add, forget about their battle.” She giggled as she leaned against a pillar.  I had to fight the urge to tackle her in a hug because of her state. Her left cheek was bruised and she had a gash on her right eyebrow. She had a busted lip, as well as another cut on her cheek. And based on her torn cloths, I could only imagine the other injuries she has.
            “Hey, where’s Jul-?” I stopped myself before I could finish as the memory of our battle flashed in my eyes. Cue however didn’t seem fazed by it.
            “Look for yourself.” She said turning to the scene behind her. Bodies were scattered on the floor. I was horrified to see familiar faces among those corpses; Eugene, Dale, Sara. However there was one face that made my heart ache for Cue. Julian lay on his back, his arms bent in an odd position and a knife deep in his left thigh. His face was just as bad as Cue’s, so it wasn’t hard to guess who did this to him.
            “His power is controlled by his arms. If there are no arms to control, no power.” She sighed looking away. I could see her try to hold back tears as she tried to find another place to lay her eyes on.
            “I’m sorry Cue.” I said as I walked to her with open arms. She didn’t reject my embrace, but she didn’t fall into it at first.
            “It’s fine. I just broke his arms… and neck. That was he could be sent home.” She cried into my shoulder. As I tried to comfort her, I felt anger start to boil in my veins. Nobody should have to go through that, nobody. As Jack walked towards the two of us, I heard a groan from the corner of the room.
            “Save your breath Pitch.” Jack hissed. “We’re done here.” He walked in front of me and Cue to block us from Pitch’s potential attack. The evil man just chuckled as he got to his feet.
            “My, my; this is a turn of events isn’t it?” he murmured. “You think it’s over because one of my tactics failed. Come on Jack, you should know how I play by now. I always think three steps ahead.” Pitch snapped his fingers. I didn’t even feel it at first, until Pitch’s sand had wrapped around my waist and dragged me backward. I tried to freeze it and break free, but more black vines got a hold of my wrists and ankles. I looked behind me to see where the sand was dragging me; it looked like a crystal ball with black mist inside. I tried to freeze Pitch while Jack was fighting him, but I could feel my powers fade as soon as they flowed to my wrists. I felt a vine snake around my neck and start to squeeze, but just before I started gasping for air, I felt something zip by my face. The sand released its entire grip on me as the crystal cage shattered. The object that broke the trap was a golden arrow.
            “When are you going to learn how to mind your own business Cue?” Pitch rolled his eyes just before blasting his sand towards her. It came in waves in all direction, essentially surrounding her before crashing down onto her body. It looked like a headless octopus when all the sand connected. A tentacle held her by her ankle, swinging her around while she fought with daggers in her hands. I tried to freeze some strands before they could cause any more damage to her… but I was too late. One tentacle hardened into a spear and drove itself right into Cue’s back, through her chest. She stopped fighting once she stared at the weapon that had impaled her. I absentmindedly ran to her as her blades slipped from her fingers.
            “No!” I screamed as Cue’s body went limp. The sand tossed her aside like she was a sack of garbage. Her body hit the wall, cracking it before she collapsed on the floor.
            The emotions came up in my heart in a surprise. I used all the raw energy I was able to control to freeze a shatter the moving sand. When I was done with it, it looked like an odd structure.
            “Pitch you bastard!” Jack exclaimed as he brought his staff down towards Pitch’s head. He dodged it and jumped back to avoid another attack. Jack shot bursts of ice at Pitch, and his enemy mimicked him. Instead of the frost and sand colliding, they hit their intended targets. Pitch hit Jack square in the chest and Jack did the same, knocking both of them to the ground. I ran to Jack’s side immediately after his head bashed into the wall.
            “Are you okay?” I huffed as I helped him sit up.
            “’m fine.” He hissed. I helped him to his feet and gave a little ice touch to his head to help him with the pain.
            “Try this.” Pitch snarled before I could say anything. His sand creatures surrounded us, but neither Jack nor I hesitated to take them out. Never have I crated icicles this fast, and my muscles have never moved so quickly. Within seconds, all of the creatures were piled of frozen sand. When I turned to help Jack he was already finished, but he looked amused.
            “You never cease to amaze me.” He chuckled just before taking down the last nightmare. We turned to face Pitch, who was now way beyond aggravated.
            “You conniving little worms!” he hissed as he shot more nightmares at us. We pursued him while shooting our own ice. He could barely keep up, causing him to back up towards the balcony. I shot a burst at his chest and he fell through the glass door and onto the balcony outside. He groaned as he sat up.
            “How? How did you do this? Defeat my spell when you were in the most impossible situation.” He questioned me as I stepped towards him. I took his chin in my hand and made him look at me; something Lisa would do.
            “It’s because you underestimated both of us, and you didn’t do the smartest thing.” I answered. “And that would be to beware his frozen heart.” I gestured to the pendent hanging on my neck. Jack pulled me away before I realized what was happening. Pitch was going to stab me with his sand blade, but grazed my side instead. He scrambled to his feet and blew into the air. Jack blocked his sand as I came down at us, but Pitch decided to summon an army of nightmares behind him. It looked like a black tidal wave made of creatures was rising behind him. Fear started to creep its way into my mind as I realized I could never make enough frost to even cancel that out. Jack must’ve read my mind because he grabbed my hand and pointed his staff towards Pitch’s build-up.
            “Hold on to the staff with me.” He ordered. I was confused at first, but then I placed my hand on top of his and understood once I held on. My power surged to my palms and seeped into his staff. I needed more; more power. Then… I felt it.
            The pendent felt heavy on my chest and it was like I was shocked with some source of raw magic. I looked down to see that the frozen heart was glowing. Images of old memories flashed in my eyes and emotions sped out of my heart. I was being energized from the inside out, and all this power felt amazing.
            “Elsa.” Jack’s voice cut through my thoughts. “In case anything happens I just want you to know, I love you.” My heart started to flutter and a smile stretched on my face.
            “Tell me that after Frost.” I smirked. “We’ll make it out of this.” Jack chuckled.
            “Will do… Queen Ica.” He smiled. We turned to the black tidal wave. Pitch shot the wave down at us, and all the creatures charged with full speed. Jack’s staff was now radiating with energy; I tightened my grip and Jack did the same before all of the power burst out at once. A big ball of glowing energy shot out towards the tidal wave, freezing everything in its path. It blasted right through the middle of the sand and hit the intended target, Pitch. He flew back into the sky and hit the top of the barrier. Just as Pitch came to his senses… a black void opened in the sky.
            “What the-?” he started, but then tentacle like things reached out and grabbed Pitch by his wrists and ankles.
            “No! Wait!” Pitch exclaimed as he was starting to be dragged in. the void acted like a black hole, sucking in all of Pitch’s nightmares and some of Sandy’s creatures as well. The winds started to pull me in as well, but Jack grabbed onto me and held onto the railing.
            “Hang on!” he screamed in my ear; the void was really sucking me in, so obviously I held onto Jack for dear life. I looked up to witness what was happening to Pitch.
            “Master! Please!” he begged as he fought against the void. He was now dragged in halfway before screaming his final plea. “I can still serve you!” Pitch was engulfed by the vines and brought into the portal. The hole caved in then exploded, shattering the frost barrier. The pieces fell from the sky and onto Arendelle and my palace.
            “Look out!” Jack warned me before blocking my body with his. Shards of ice fell around us, but thankfully none hit me or Jack. When we stood up to witness, the night sky was transitioning into an orange atmosphere, the sun rising, and the darkness coming to an end…

Heyyy guys!!!! There are a few things i want to talk about right now.... first of is if you didn;t think this chapter was very good, well it's because i'm sick. My head's kind of in a loopy stage right now, so yeah. LOL.


Third thing is, Some of you guys have been asking about a sequel. Well based on this chapter, it's safe to say that there will be a sequel to this fanfic :)

And finally, this topic is actually quite serious. Someone messaged me to inform me that someone was copying my book and posting it without giving me credit. I've spoken with her and i've taken care of it, but i just need you guys to know how angry and disgusted i am. Like honestly, who the hell does that?! AND WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?!! THIS IS MY STORY, MY WORK! HOW DARE YOU TRY AND PULL IT OFF AS YOUR OWN! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH TIME I PUT INTO THIS STORY! I POURED OUT ALL OF MY SKILLS IN THESE CHAPTERS! Just UGHHHH!! I was honestly considering taking this story down so this would stop, but luckily i didn;t do that. So i'm just going to say this now, if this happens again, i WILL stop writing, and i WILL not post anything else! Sorry if some of you hate me now, but you guys had to know what was going on.... but yeah that's it. I am grateful that you guys are still with me, I Luv You all!!! Happy Reading!

P.S. DO NOT ANGER ME... Remember that i have the power to kill of all of the characters you care about, including Jack & Elsa ;)

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