Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


45. Duel *Jack's P.O.V*

            The moment Cue and I entered the room we were hit with a wall of silence, and no not literally. Not a single noise was heard, not the battle going on outside the, not the gust of wind hitting the windows, nothing. The only thing I could hear was my own heartbeat in my ears. I gripped my staff a little tighter as we pursued a dark and narrow hallway. Surprisingly this area didn’t have anything to barricade the doors; it was just free to walk once you’ve opened the door.
            “Walk in front of me.” Cue whispered. “I’ll cover you.” I nodded and took a few extra steps forward. At the end of the hallway I saw a doorway to the main room. It was lit solely by moonlight; but I should’ve known that as much darkness as possible would’ve been Pitch’s goal. I slowly stepped forward and out of the shadows, into the moonlight, prepared for whatever he had planned. He sat on a throne of black ice, smirking at us as if he’d already won the battle.
            “Well, this is a surprise. I didn’t expect to see a single guardian walk through these doors. And here two walk through those doors… well one and a half.” Pitch snickered. I could feel Cue tense up behind me despite the vast distance between us.
            “Well, soon there’s going to be one less of us alive in this room.” She growled as she extended the string of her bow.
            “I agree.” He smiled. Pitch snapped his fingers and the already dim room got even darker. “Let’s figure out who it is, shall we?” I could tell her was trying to create a layer of fear in me and Cue, but I held my ground. In my peripherals I saw movement in the darkest corner of the room. She didn’t have to step into the light for me to realize who it was. Dark Elsa stepped out calm and collectively while giving a coy smile.
            “Elsa…” Cue gasped as I felt her lower her bow.
            “No my dear; It’s Lisa.” She smirked as she raised her hands. Despite the changes she’s gone through, a small section of her eye was still blue, as well as my frozen heart on her chest. There was a small ray of hope, but barely. I must’ve dazed or something because I was shoved to the side without warning. I felt something cold and hard skim by my head and neck. I heard the pang of Cue’s bow as she released her arrow. I came to my senses just before Lisa launched her own arrow in my direction. I ducked and sent a channel of ice towards her with my staff, but she cancelled it out with her own stream of black ice; she had gotten stronger.
            “Lisa my dear, stop. It’s too soon for them to die.” Pitch stopped out little rumble before it got worse.
            “Yes master.” She nodded. The ice weapons she had created evaporated into the air and she stood straight. “What would you have me do?”
            “You prepared them, why not use them?” Pitch asked her. Lisa nodded and put one hand down; the other out in front of her, like she was asking for something. Her hand tensed and the aura in the room began to shift; energy and power pooling together at Lisa’s palm as if it was a large bubble.  Cue loaded her bow and I held my ground, showing no fear. Not long after it burst and expanded out through the walls almost like an invisible web. Cue and I tensed but were ready for what was coming; neither Pitch nor Lisa moved from their position.
            “Well?” Cue cut the silence. “Come on then!”
            “It’s not us you should be focusing on.” Lisa explained as she narrowed her eyes to something behind me. Just as those words left her mouth, I caught the movement of a shadow.
            “Cue!” I exclaimed as I shoved her to her side. When I jumped out of the way, a blade was extended between me and Cue. I knocked it away with my staff and pivoted on my toes to face the attacker.
            The corpse of Elsa’s dead sever was standing in front of me, eyes glowing yellow with a double- edge spear in hand; behind him stood five other servants with their weapons at the ready. Cue fired her arrow and it found its way into his shoulder. The next one, which I didn’t even see her load was shot right into his leg knocking him off balance.
            “I’ve got these bozos.” Cue stated. “Just deal with Lisa.”
            “Are you sure?” I asked just as one female server brought her sword down on Cue; she luckily blocked it with her two daggers before it sliced open her skull.
            “Oh I’m sure. Just go Jack!” she ordered through her teeth before pushing her foe away. When I turned around all I heard was the clang of blades making contact, but I had to focus on Lisa despite the worry I had for Cue. Lisa however had a smirk plastered on her face.
            “Let me tell you something Jack.” She started. “You see, the change is almost complete. The only things that are left are my eye and this stupid necklace. Once that’s done, that mirror holding the soul of that pathetic woman will be sealed away.” She pointed to the glass beside the throne and I didn’t notice it until now. It was a full length mirror; Elsa looked normal, blue dress and fair skin. Through the glass it looked like she was lying on a bed and sleeping peacefully. “Once the change is done, it’s over; you lost the fight.”
            “Well it isn’t over yet, but it’s cute how you think it’s over.” I hissed. Lisa arched an eyebrow at me and raised her hands for an attack. I gripped my staff and stayed alert for anything around me. We looked at each other dead in the eye, before she made the first move.
            A wave of icicles flew in my direction. I jumped up and sent a stream of ice directly at her. She cancelled it out with another stream of her own. When I landed on my feet, I charged at her in a zigzag formation to avoid the icicles being thrown at my face. When I was close enough, I whacked Lisa in the face with my staff knocking her off balance. I kicked her down before she could raise her hands and attack me.
            “Sorry.” I mumbled as I realized I was technically hitting Elsa. The temptation to give a hand and help her up was insane, but I held it in the best I could. Lisa didn’t move from the floor.
            “Elsa?” I accidentally called as I stepped toward her. I thought I saw her flinch so I stopped moving. My eyes stayed focused on her still body, when they should’ve been focused on my surroundings. I heard the weapon whip by my head as I ducked. I kicked my foot back and it came in contact with someone’s stomach. They fell back, but I heard another set of footsteps come towards me. How many servants were killed? And why hasn’t Cue finished them off?
            It was only then that I realized that the clang of blades had stopped behind me. I whipped my staff on the side of my opponent’s head and they fell to the floor unconscious. I looked around to see that Cue was no longer fighting. She was surrounded by to bodies of servants while she stood motionless with an arrow aimed towards the entrance of the room.
            “Cue?” I called to her. A blade whipped by my face, skimming my cheek. I didn’t even look at him, but my fist collided with their jaw. He stumbled back, but that didn’t stop the other servant’s blade to come down on me. I stopped it with my staff before it could slice my head in half.
            “Cue! What’s wrong with you?!” I exclaimed pushing my foe away and freezing them to the wall. Another charged at me with daggers in hand; I successfully dodged each strike before thrusting my elbow in his nose and striking his throat.  I only caught a glimpse of the figure at the door once my opponent fell to the floor, and that was enough for me to understand Cue’s state.
            He emerged from the darkness and into the moonlight. His skin was grey like a corpse, his hair was now black and his eyes burned amber rather than their usual cobalt hue. His broad structure was still the same, but it was being held up by the onyx ice that lined his spine. His flames engulfed his hands as he aimed his strike at the woman he once loved.
            “Julian…” Cue gasped as tears streamed down her cheeks. Her arrow was aimed for the area right between his eyes, but she couldn’t let go of the string. He however had other thoughts; the aura around him grew stronger as he built up the power in his palms.
            “Watch it!” I shouted as I ran to her. She remained a statue as Julian shot a fireball at her. Luckily I was able to tackle Cue to the ground before she would incinerate into a pile of ashes. The second we came in contact with the ground, I rolled us to the side and behind a pillar to avoid the second set of flames. I sat her up against the pillar, but Cue still had a blank expression across her face.
            “Come on Cue! Snap out of it.” I panicked as I lightly slapped her face. She grabbed my wrist for me to stop, and I helped her stand up. My eyes followed Julian as he prepared to attack; I gripped my staff but Cue’s hand came down on it.
            “Julian’s mine.” She hissed not looking at me. Before I could talk her out of it she already loaded her bow and aimed it at him.
            “Julian is dead. How dare they use the corpses of those who should rest in peace.” She snarled as she released her gold arrow. Julian melted it in the air before it was even halfway to him.
            “Take care of Lisa, I’ve got this covered.” Cue pushed me away.
            “Cue-“ I started but was lost for words. She didn’t look at me, but I could feel her aura fill with anger as she gripped the daggers on her belt.
            “I’m sure.” She growled just before she charged towards Julian. Before I could stop her, a stream of black ice skimmed my shoulder.
            “Focus on your opponent Jack.” Lisa teased behind me. I lashed a channel of my frost towards her, but she deflected it and created her own staff of black ice.        
            “Hand to hand I see.” I smirked as I raised my staff. “Bring it.” She charged at me and I met her halfway. Our weapons collided and the clash echoed across the room. If I didn’t have a good grip on my staff, I would have let it go because of the strong impact. Out of nowhere Lisa cringed and squeezed her eyes shut like she was in pain. Somehow she still held her iron grip, and within seconds she obtained the strength she needed to overpower me. She pushed me off and I stumbled on my feet and fell backward. Lisa walked up to me with her eyes still closed. She created chains to briefly hold me down to the floor so she could straddle me. With her weight and the strength of the chains, I couldn’t get up. Lisa then took my chin with her fingers and forced me to look at her. Hey eyelids slowly opened to reveal that not a single section of her iris’ were their brilliant azure. She gave me a sly smile before saying her disgusting words.
            “You lose Jack…” 

No the fic is not over!!! LOL hey guys! i know it's been awhile, but a lot of stuff has been happening recently. I'm just gonna post the chapters one at a time because i don't want the fic to end all at once. And tell me what you think of this chapter plzz. Yeah... Oh and i've been reading some of your comments. some of you are pointing out that i've got the times wrong, like Jack isn't supposed to have a hoodie and whatnot. Well actually i'm not wrong... i've got it all planned out. you just gotta wait until i go through with it ;) i'll see if i can post tomorrow, but i know i won;t make you guys wait for two weeks again :/ I want to thank you all for your kind words! They've helped me in ways that are kinda unspeakable so thank you for that! I enjoy talking to most of you on KIK. if you want to chat, my username is reyzel813 . Hit me up if you want to; it's cool talking to you guys from all around the world. Luv you all! Hopefully i'll see you soon! HAppy Reading ;)

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