Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


18. Conflict

            I felt my stomach drop down low and my heart begin to tear. I even felt tears start to form in my eyes and a limp form in my throat. We made clear and sharp eye contact, Jack and I.
            “Elsa?” Julian panicked. “Are you okay?” he grabbed my shoulders and tried to shake me to get a reaction.
            “I-I’m sorry. I have to take care of something.” I gasped. “I’ll meet you in the palace, I promise, just let me take care of something please.” I didn’t wait for his answer because when I looked back to Jack he wasn’t there anymore. I ran from Julian towards the direction Jack was in. As I took off I felt hot tears slip from my eyes and stream down my cheeks, essentially blurring my vision. I felt my hair come out of place, my dress get torn from the trees and twigs scratching my arms and face as I ran; I didn’t give a damn. My main objective was to find Jack. Since my eyesight was compromised, I wasn’t able to see the root from the tree. My foot slammed into the wood, and I went flying forward landing belly first. I didn’t get up. I lay there with my limbs sprawled on the grass muffling my sobs. I rolled over and looked up at the night sky, maybe I could calm down with the beauty of the stars. The night was silent with the exception of the sound of my light sobs. I might not find him tonight; hell I may not ever find him again. My heart hurt even more thinking about the way he looked at me. The once strong, confident boy I love became broken and insecure in that split second. I hurt him, and I hurt him bad.
            “Jack!” I heard in the distance. “Jack wait!”
            “Not right now Cue.” Said his velvet voice.
            ”Yes right now! Why are you running you idiot?!” she screamed at him. I never got to see the angry side of Cue… and I really wish I wasn’t seeing it now. They weren’t far away, if anything they were walking distance from me. I rolled over so I was behind a tree and peered towards the direction of their voices. They were only a few feet away from me, and could most likely spot me it I wasn’t careful. Cue was confronting Jack and he was attempting to walk away.
            “I’m not running!” he exclaimed as he stopped in his spot.
            “Then where are you going?” she questioned.
            “Cue back off. This doesn’t concern you.” Jack threatened through his teeth.
            “Actually it does. It concerns me as Elsa’s guardian.” Cue defended.
            “I’m her guardian too!”
            “Then start acting like it!” Right after those words escaped her mouth Jack tensed up and turned around to face her. He looked angry, something I’ve never seen him before.
            “What?” he sneered. I really admire Cue for being able to stand her ground; I most likely wouldn’t have been able to.
            “Act like a guardian, especially for the woman you love.” She responded with a strong voice. Jack’s anger began to subside, only for sorrows to replace it.
            “She doesn’t love me back.” He cried. I felt my heart squeeze as I saw the tears he was attempting to blink away fall from his face. I stood up with the intention to run to him and wipe his tears away, but Cue beat me to it.
            “Yes she does.” She said as she wiped his tears away with her handkerchief. “Jack, I’ll have you know that Elsa has been in complete and utter hell since you left. Today we talked about what just happened. She knew that Julian would say something, not the kiss, for sure she didn’t know about the kiss. She was going to end it with him Jack, and she didn’t want to break his heart out of nowhere. Plus he kissed her fist.” Cue defended me. Jack stayed silent for a few seconds.
            “So she has no feelings for Julian… at all.” He clarified.
            “None. She even ran off to find you but-“
            “WHAT?!” he exclaimed.
            “I was looking for her and came across you.” She said. “This is why you don’t run away you idiot boy.” She said smacking him on the side of his head.
            I heard all I needed to…. but what do I do now? Do I step out to show I was listening? Or do I walk away? I shifted my foot back and heard a twig snap… it wasn’t me.
            “What was that?” Cue asked looking in my direction. Her head turned to my tree and stopped so she could get a better look. I stayed perfectly still praying that she wouldn’t come in my direction. The only sounds that filled my ears were the insects of the night and… breathing right behind me. I felt the presence of something right behind me, and a small throaty growl came to my ears. I slowly looked in the direction behind me to see what was there. My breath hitched in my throat when I was what it was. A large black wolf made with a black grainy substance. Saliva was dripping from its mouth as it bared its teeth at me. It bent down preparing to pounce as it looked at me with its bright yellow eyes of anger and hunger...

BAM!!! THINGS ARE GETTING INTERESTINGGG!!! Anyway wudd up guys? I know it's been awhile since i last posted, but i've been busy with tests and other crap. I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes you may spot as well for this chapter being short. The truth is i have chapter 19 already, which is a bit longer, and i will post that tomorrow... if i'm near this laptop at all. Also i would like to announce that since i am on break i am planning to post at the same pace i did when i was on exams (which was a chapter a day). I plan to do that, but i do ask you guys to excuse weekends because i do spend time with my family, as well as any day i don't post. I either have writers block, or i was just super busy planning my mom's surprise party... SHHHH don't tell her. Nonetheless i hope you enjoy the stuff i have planned for you  and i hope you stay with me to see it. Luv you all! Happy reading ;) 

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