Love Beats

Sasha and her best friend Emily are in a dance group when their group recruits two new HOT guy dancers they don't expect to fall in love but they do.Before they knew what was happening they have no time left for dancing, and things start to fall apart.


1. Dance School

Sasha's P.O.V

Fourteen year old, Sasha had just woken up when her cell phone rang startling her since she was still half asleep.It was Emily, she wanted to know if home-school started yet.So i told her it starts in five minutes so she better come over the wood rope bridge that connects our tree house's. Our fathers worked together in the building industry so they built us each tree houses.We loved being home-schooled but there was a downside, we didn't know any other kids besides ourselves. So, when we heard our parents wanted us to make some friends, we entered a "perform your life" competition. They were really happy that we were going out on the edge like that. We started dancing and singing right away we were going to have fun and we were totally engrossed in trying to win this competition.

I put on a pair of pink torn jeans and I decided to wear a blue lace tank top
, apparently i had always had the eye for good looks but i don't think i do, but Emily insists that i could I be a big shot in the fashion industry. I decided to go style my hair then I just threw my hair into a messy bun instead and headed downstairs, mom was cooking breakfast and dad was on his way to work. Emily rushed in and mum served us blueberry pancakes with raspberries and sat down to start our first lesson. Maths. Ugh I HATE maths! It is supposedly something that we use all the time, but i will never get the hang of bit.I always used to fail it totally at school.

Emily's P.O.V

I pulled on my white flowy dress with flowers all over it I decided to put my jet black hair up in two braids that fell around my shoulders.I was ready to go for school and breakfast at Sasha's house.

I raced out the door with my blue messenger bag over my shoulder. Bye mum! I said kissing her goodbye and climbing into the tree house, I rang the signal bell. I rushed over the wobbly bridge as fast as I could. Sasha's mum was making pancakes!

Once we gulped down our pancakes and juice within 5 minutes we went up to Sasha's room. We got on our laptops and started up on the online math sites and sheets we had. At 9:00 we stopped for a two minute break. The next subject we had was S&E, we were studying the Australian gold rush. At 9:50 we hurried to the kitchen to get my bag before, I went to the bathroom to change and Sasha went to change in her bedroom.

I was wearing my black leotard with a pink cover and teal leg warmers over my non-point ballet slippers. I put my other clothes back in my bag and headed towards the treehouse. Sasha's mum was a trained teacher and had a dance career before getting married and doing college. I plopped down in a beanbag and picked up the book on the side table, there was a flyer inside.

It was the flyer that made us enter the competition in the first place. It was so colourful with darkened silhouettes dancing and music notes all over the page. As I sat there Sasha's mother, Jane had come on with three water bottles to stay hydrated with.

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