The Muggle Who Knows It All

J.K. Rowling. She is known as the famous author and creator of the magical world that surrounds a special young wizard named Harry. It is thought of as a miracle for this book to be introduced to the world. What if it is really a sin on her hand? The wizard world was meant to be unbeknownst to humans. What business did a wizard's ex-lover have writing a series about the doings of the great Harry Potter? And that being said, how did she write it before it happened? Not to mention that it might change history.


1. She What?


           " Silence!"  The cry was barely heard.   The tension and outrage of the occupants of the room overpowered the voice of what was merely a man. For even though this man had talents, as he liked to call it, like no other, how could he quiet this frenzy.  Cries and shouts filled the usually kempt, quiet, space.  Now, the most important room in the world, was up to the brim with the most high and mighty people of the wizarding world.  Cries, protests, and screaming filled the air.  Butterbeer and firewhisky were thrown in rage into the air, burning the eyes of others.  The anxiety and white hot anger were very clear, as well as contagious. Though, most clear, fogging the brains of all, and misting the air, was fear, the most deadly thing know to being. 

          The man who had called out was now patiently waiting, sitting atop his chair at the head of the mahogany table.  His wrinkled old frail hands were clasped in front of him, still as the night.  His beard was twitching, the only movement shown throughout his old body.  His eyes held a thoughtful depth.  They showed the brilliance of his soul.  A muggle would say that he is the oldest man in the world when passing, meaning it as an exaggeration.  Little did they know that they were right, this seemingly ordinary man was the oldest wizard.  He had lost count of his years, for he was born before Father Time. 

            The old man waited, and waited, and waited.  He kept on waiting. He waited until after quite a long time, the crowd one by one realized he was looking for quiet.  In a sudden rush, they all scrambled, tripping over each other to reach their chairs.  Once settled, in contrast to the uproar of a mere few minutes before, the room was deadly silent.  They all knew the graveness of this situation.  A few of the aged witches and wizards nursed their headaches and eyes stinging from the thrown drinks. 

             Finally, the old man spoke once more.  " We are only waiting for one more arrival.  Dumbledore will arrive soon with the children."

            Whispers broke out.

           " The children, as in his parents!?" 

           " They're coming?"

           " Surly that isn't smart!"

           " They don't even know about the boy yet, let alone the book!"

           " The next thing we'll hear is that he invited that muggle!"

           The old man once more waited for silence, now glaring at the other occupants of the room.  Suddenly the wooden door burst open, chilling the many people inside, helping to get rid of the built up body heat and sweat. A severely aged man, (though no where  near as old as the man at the head of the table,) and a young couple, assumingly just out of school.  The girl was shaking slightly, and the boy was whispering in her ear, hugging and calming her. The people sitting at the table felt their hearts become heavy for this young couple.  They were here, not knowing why they were here, not knowing that there was a book telling of their gruesome death, and the fate of their soon to be son.

          The old man who brought them there, commonly known as Dumbledore, walked over to his old, worn chair.  Next to that were two chairs, the first new chairs in that room for almost as long as time.  There were never guests in the Wizarding Supreme Secret Court Room, outsiders didn't even know it existed, for it was top secret, so it could never be infiltrated.  The procedure was the same, once witch or wizard dies, their place is taken by the person who has taken over their place in office.  The chairs were occupied almost a second after Dumbledore sat down.

         They were not hesitant because they trusted Dumbledore with their lives.  They assumed that this meeting had something to do with the Order of the Phoenix, a rebel group against Voldemort that they had joined a few years back.  They only wondered why they were the ones there, for they were the juniors, not trusted for everything, due to their youth. 

        The boy, James Potter, decided to ask the questions itching on both the young adult's tongues, waiting to be released.  " Why are we here?  Did something happen?  Are our families ok?"

        The old man replied.  " Those are some loaded questions.  Since they are so complicated, I suggest you just pay attention to this meeting and you will get the best explanations we have, for even we do not fully understand.  This whole concept is a first in wizarding history.  What I can tell you is where you are and who we are.  This is the Wizarding Supreme Secret Council.  This is where we hold our meetings." 

        The look was clear as daylight on their faces, wonder.  If this council was so secret, then why were they there?  The overly aged man spoke again.  " Well, most of us know what has happened.  We are keeping it secret from the wizarding world as best we can.  I, along with the Ministry of Magic, have had charms put on every single one of those dreaded books, making it look like a muggle cookbook.  The fact still remains though, a mere muggle has written books about the bloodied future of the child of two of the wizards here, revealing every single detail of what will hap[pen during the war against Voldemort, not to mention its growing popularity. "  Flinches were spread around the room at the deadly name, and every single head in the room swiveled to meet the gazes of the young couple, James and Lily Potter.

       James broke out in sweat and Lily gasped in surprise and worry. "Us, our child?" Lily could hardly get the words out, for her throat had gone as dry as parchment.  The old witches and wizards in the room nodded solemnly, a few leaking tears.  Lily's hand flew to her stomach, for she had just found out about a tiny being living right inside of her, just a few days before.  James's hand joined hers atop her stomach, the other caressing her cheek. 

       Dumbledore raised his eyebrow slightly.  " You're already expecting?"

        Lily blushed, but only as much as possible in this situation. " Yes," James stated slightly proudly, but concern clouded his voice. 

       " I would say congratulations, but with what's in that book, I'm afraid an I'm sorry will do."

       Lily burst into tears.  " Why, what's in there?  What does my baby have to do with the war? Surly Voldemort will be gone before he's older!  How do you even know that this book is true?"

       " I am afraid your son will be the one to kill Lord Voldemort.  There is a prophecy that makes us know it is the truth, that you must not yet know."  The large group let that sink in, the only noise was Lily's sobs and James's panicked fidgeting. 

       Finally, a man spoke.  " Well, we all know what this means.  We use these books to our advantage before He Who Must Not Be Named does."

       " That is against the laws of nature!" Dumbledore stated.

       " Well, one thing is for sure, we need to talk to this J.K. Rowling character.  We need to see what she knows, how she knows.  Meeting adjourned."

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