Darcie Tomlinson-Styles

Darcie is a young girl who lives with foster parents. She doesn’t like her foster parents or her foster siblings. Help Darcie find her parents and make her life a lot better with her birth parents.


1. Chapter 1: All About Me

*Darcie’s P.O.V*

Hi my name’s Darcie. I just turned five and I know my ‘parents’ aren’t my parents. I look nothing like them and I want to find out who my parents are. I have cute curls in my brown her and bright blue eyes which I find cute aswell. I love carrots and I love kittens. I wish I knew my parents I don’t really care if it’s a mom and dad or dad and dad or a mom and mom. I just want my birth parents with me and to watch me grow up not these people who act like my parents. For a five year old I am very smart but in a cheeky way. Oh by the way my full name happens to be Darcie El Tomlinson-Styles but everyone calls me Darcie El Styles because it is easier. Well I have school. Bye bye.

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