See You Tonight

19 year old Gracie Jackson and Aubrie Heyer are both students at Manchester University in the UK. Gracie is going to school to be a fashion designer and Aubrie is going to school to be a photographer. Oh and one thing, they both HATE 1D. But When they run into them and are asked to be a photographer and a designer, they end up falling. But what happens when they are forbidden to see one another? They will think of anyway to be together. (This story will be written by two people)


1. Introduction

Gracie's pov 

Heyyyy! Gracie here! Okay so this is a intro chapter! To start, I am average height, with brunette hair, and blonde highlights. I have hazel eyes, and I love country music. Also, I am into fashion! Anything fashion! I'm going to school to be a fashion designer! With my best friend! So... Here she is! 

Aubrie's pov 

Hi sooooo. I'm taller then Gracie but not super tall, I have Blonde hair and blue eyes. I love pretty much any kind of music except One Direction. I'm going to school to be a photographer. I have three younger brothers and ask anyone I am violent and if I don't like you you will be able to tell. Ok so BYYYYEEEEE :D  

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