The Fifth Harmony Chronicles: Better Together

Camila Cabello has everything going well for her, she is living her dream of having a singing career along with her best friends and band sisters Fifth Harmony.

But love comes for Camila when she meets Austin Mahone at the MTV Video Music Awards. Love problems ensue when she discovers that her longtime friend Harry Styles comes back into her life this time to win her over. Will love break apart Fifth Harmony, or will Camila find a way to solve her problem before it is too late?


1. A Secret not Told

Camila: You might not know me, maybe yes or maybe not but for those who do, you might already know that I am a member of the hugely famous girl group Fifth Harmony. Back in 2012 I had a dream of making it into The X Factor competition as a solo artist with much hopes of winning and singing my own music but little did I know that I would meet four other girls like me with the same dream as me, little less that we would be formed together into a group who would become huge in the music industry. But enough of that, I am an enthusiastic and unique girl willing to chase my dream.

My name is Camila Cabello, the silly funny girl who loves to have fun but at the same time focus on my career along with my girl pals: Ally Brooke, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, and Normani Hamilton. We are all Fifth Harmony, five girls with a dream of making it big and with much hard work and achievement I am glad we did.

(Camila is in the hotel room alone waiting for the other band members to come back from the interview at Radio Disney. She is laying in bed writing since she is sick and was not able to attend the interview)

Lauren, Dinah, Ally, and Normani: (run up to Camila where she is sitting in her bed listening to music). Camila! We missed you all. (They hug her not bothering that she was really sick from the flu).

Camila: Yeah, I'm so happy you guys came back! (she greeted them, her voice sounding hoarse and weird).

Dinah: Yes we came back this time to stay with you today because we all feel that we've been leaving you behind these past three days ever since you started getting the flu, so today we are only dedicating ourselves to you, making sure you get well soon.

Lauren: That's right chica! We have been missing you all day that I have decided to order for you a plateful of warm soup.

Dinah- Me, I'm going to paint your fingernails and toenails with yellow nail polish; which I read somewhere that the color yellow really helps you get better soon, I don't know if that is true but we can try. (They all laugh).

Ally: and me and Normani's job is "Ta-DA!"  (She does a funny pose) to entertain you!!

Camila: (looks at everyone with relief and happiness on her face). Aww! This is so sweet of you guys to take the time to be with me, it really means a'lot to me. (They all group hug each other when... they hear a knock on their hotel door).

Dinah: I thought I told our manager to cancel our recording sessions for today since Camila is sick.

Lauren: We should check who it is then. (She goes and opens the door quickly with eagerness and wonder in her face.)

(The girls listen carefully as they hear Lauren talking friendly with a familiar male voice they must have surely heard before. They could hear Lauren's familiar footsteps and the other person's footsteps coming in the direction to Camila's room.)

Camila- Who could it be? (she whispered for she couldn't raise her voice high enough because of the pain in her throat.)

Dinah- I don't know, I guess an old friend of yours?

(The door opens to reveal Lauren and the familiar guy.)

Lauren- Apparently, this guy named Harry Styles came to see you and you have to explain to us because he tells me that he knows you.

Ally- That is weird how did he know that we were staying here?

Lauren- Well, believe it or not, he also knows Simon Fuller and that is how he found out you are sick so he came to see you.

(Harry enters the room greeting the rest of the girls and seeing Camila with much care and tenderness in his eyes.)

Camila: It's so surprising to see you, how are you doing?

Harry- I'm doing great! (smiling at her) I just wanted to come see you since I heard from Simon that you are sick, here's a present for you. (He hands her a huge pink stuffed teddy bear with a heart saying "Get Well Soon!")

Camila- (takes it with much joy in her expression) Thanks Harry! (She hugs him and Harry hugs her back.)

Harry- It's good seeing you again, I never knew I would see you again. (He smiles at her trying to hide his true feelings for her.)

Camila- (kisses Harry in the cheeks. Harry was about to remind her that she's sick but at the same time he truly didn't care, what matters is that he's with his crush, the girl of his dreams.)

(The girls decided to leave them alone, leaving Harry and Camila they went to the living room.)

Dinah- Camila never told us that she knew one of the guys from One Direction.

Normani- True, wonder why she never told us?

(They sat there wondering all the reasons why for a few more minutes until Camila and Harry both appeared laughing together.)

Dinah- (using her grown-up voice) So what have you two secret best buds been talking about, eh?

(All four girls look at Camila waiting for her answer of truth. Their arms on their hips.)

Camila- (feeling guilty) Okay girls I'm sorry for not telling you earlier but It seriously passed out of my head to tell you.

Normani- So are you guys going out?

Harry- No we are not we are just friends, but you may never know, (looks at Camila with passionate eyes) maybe in the future we will.

Camila- (simply laughs blushing)

Harry- Well I have to leave ladies, It was nice meeting you all and seeing you again Cam. (he kisses her on the hand. Leaving Camila laughing and blushing at the same time.)

Lauren- Camila what you did was not right we promised each other we would tell our secrets and you didn't.

Camila- I know, I know but like I told you It simply slipped out of my mind, (she sings) I'm soooo sorry! (she makes her sad pouty face.)

(All of the four girls laugh)

Dinah- Okay we believe you this time, but you have to from now on tell us everything, we are sisters and best friends and we can't let lies ruin our friendship and the band because this is important to all of us, Camila.

Camila- Okay, I promise that this will not happen again.

(They group hug, Dinah laughing)

Dinah- It's better if you don't promise anything, just don't do it anymore.



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