Skater Girl

A skateboard takes people down any path. But nobody knew a simple skateboard could take someone down the path of love.



1. Hey! That's Skater Girl.

Hazel Anne's Point Of View

I stared at the empty suitcase taking up half of my bed. I'm not sure if I could go through with what I'm thinking. Running away seemed like my only option at the moment. After taking one last glance at my suitcase I nodded. I scurried over to my closet and began to pack my belongings.

From my clothes to my most precious possession. My dearest skateboard that has saved my life many times. I slipped the bag onto my back and held my skateboard tightly to my side. I quietly tiptoed downstairs to meet my dads eyes. Crap!

"Hazel Anne where are you off to now with that skateboard of yours?" Dad asked his eyes staring in to mine. He could tell when I was lying. Anyone could by just taking one look into my eyes. I couldn't blow my cover. I hate to lie to him but that was at the bottom of my list.

If you were not from my school and knew me as family if someone told you I was running away you wouldn't believe them. That's how great my life is outside of school. But my life inside of school is a nightmare I never seem to wake up from.

"I'm waiting..." He trailed off.

"I'm heading to Emilie's." I said confidently.

"It's a school night so be back by 9. Sharp. Remember. I know all so if you aren't back by 9. I will find out."He said before walking away. He was so oblivious... One thing he didn't know is he wouldn't be seeing me or quite some time...


"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry. I should have been paying more attention! " I exclaimed. I just knocked some boy over.

" I-I -It's fine. Although I am seeing 3 of you." The boy said standing up but falling back to the ground in the matter of seconds.

"oh no!" I panicked. All of this was surely going to draw attention to him and me. And I haven't even made it out of my town yet. Surely people would recognize me.

" Are you sure you're okay? Because I really have to go. " Neighbors were starting to peek out their doors and windows.

"Yeah. Yeah sure. Go ahead ." His British accent spoke once more before standing up more like wobbling towards a small coffee shop joining 4 other boys.

I quickly skated away into the slightly dark area.

*Liam's Point Of View*

"Niall give me the dang remote! I wanna watch the news!" I yelled gripping the remote.

"No one watches the news! "

"I do " I said taking the remote and turning onto the news channel.

19 Year Old Hazel -Anne Swan is now missing.

Hazel Anne claimed that she was going to best friend Emilie 'a house at the time of 7:00. And was told to return at 9. As soon as Hazel Anne was not home at that time her father left for Emilie's house. Emilie claims Hazel Anne never stopped by. Miss Rosemary Neil claims she saw Hazel Anne with a boy that looked the age of 20 years old with brown hair that was slicked back with gel or grease and brown eyes wearing a black v neck and black skinny jeans.

Her parents are asking the young boy to please bring her back because they love her so much. Please contact David Swan or Mary Swan if you have any information on where Hazel Anne is or who the young boy is.

A picture of me and the so Hazel Anne girl popped up . The girl who ran into me nearly killing me. I never took her this is a big misunderstanding. Niall look at the tv in disbelief and began to question me. I immediately took out my phone and my name was mentioned so many times with headlines like

'Liam Payne kidnapping innocent 19 year old girl?'

'Is Liam really batman or secretly The Joker?'

'He Isn't So Innocent Now...'

This was so much to take in. I'm innocent. Tears started to fall which rarely happens. My fans were all turning on me . Some even telling that the boy was me. This old lady has it all wrong. I can't imagine what's going through Niall's head. My fans heads. I'm no kidnapper just innocent Liam.

That's Skater Girl. The girl who ran me over the girl I am being accuse of kidnapping. But that's not true. My phone began to flash.


Uh oh.

A/N : okay so this was quite long. It took a long time to write also. I hope liked it! Comment please , like , and favorite? It would be really appreciated! -Maya


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