Who's Adopting Me

What happens when you get adopted by the world famous boy band member Liam Payne. Fallow A.J. through heartache, doctor vists, and marrage of two people she loves.


8. Six months and in love

Five Months Later

It's been five months since Eric you know......committed suicide. And that closer i get to my due date the crabbier i get. Me and Niall have been hanging out a lot lately and i'm begining to fancy him. I woke up with really bad cramps."hi" i was greeted by liam making and omelet. I just felt water i looked as though i saw a ghost and began to scream. Niall came rushing to my side and told me to breathe. We hopped in the car and Liam called the guys. I was immanently admitted in the hospital." Your ready to push whose the father." she said. I was going to cry."Um he's dead can you gab the blonde boy from the hall.""Of coarse." Niall walked in and immediately understood he just went above the waist line and helped me.  "Congratulations it's a boy." I was crying tears of joy and pain. "What's his name?"" Eric Issac Styles." I could hear Eric crying from above. "HEYYYY" Louis screamed when coming in. He woke up Eric and i was sleeping as well so i was mad. "hey mam are you still in pain" the nurse asked. I just nodded. The doctors came in and said i have another baby on the way and louis had to help me this time. I screamed and finally I had a beautiful baby girl. "Now what's this ones name?" Right as the boys burst through the door they looked like the ran for their lives."It's okay boys apparently I had twins and boy Named Eric Issac and a girl named Darcy Bella." 

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