summer love

Aubrie and Gracie are finally out of high school and are going to Miami the summer before college. What could go wrong! One day at the beach the girls meet five guys aka One Direction. Everything seems perfect but how are the girls going to tell them that their leaving in 2 months...


1. Heading to Miami

Aubrie's pov 

My bags were by the door I was hanging upside down on the couch making faces at my youngest brother Beckett. Eli who has a year younger then me was on his phone texting his girlfriend and honestly I'm surprised he has one I mean he's not very good looking. Anyways Jonah my second youngest brother was watching tv. A horn honked from outside and I fell off the couch. Eli and Jonah laughed Beckett walked over and clung to my leg. I walked over to the door "Bye Beckett." I said kissing the top of his head he let go and waved bye I grabbed my bags and went outside and hopped in my best friend Gracie's mustang convertible I threw my bags in the bag. "Lets go!" I said smiling. We pulled out of my driveway and headed down the rode. "So what do you want to eat before we leave?" "MCDONALDS!!" I screamed "OW ok." We got food and left we live in Fargo, North Dakota so this drive will take a week or so. 

It was the first night and we stopped at a camp sight and put our bags in the trunk I grabbed a pillow and blanket and fell asleep in the passenger seat and Gracie slept on the backseat. We woke up at 4:30 am the next day I was driving. 

We did that for about a week and three days. We finally arrived at the hotel and checked in. Normally people.would.look around but we went to our room and fell asleep right away. 


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