" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


10. On The Beach

has been a week since darcy was born. My mom is babysitting her while me and harry go out for a while. " harry where are you taking me " i asked. " somewhere you well love " he said and smiled. An hour later we where at a beach and i saw the boys. " harry did you really buy us a beach house " i said smiling. " why yes i really did " he said. I kissed him and ran out of the car to hug the girls." we are going to have so much fun this weekend " perrie said. " we are going to be here for the whole weekend i am going to miss darcy to much " i said. then harry came from behind put his hands on my hips and said. " darcy well be fine stop worrying so much " he said. i smiled and kissed him again.We walked inside and went to are huge room and started unpacking. I noticed harry but one swim suit in my back it showed my but and was strapless. " harry " i screamed showing him the swimsuit. " lilly you will look sexier than every other girl if you wear that ' he said and pushed me on the bed and started kissing me. " harry not know " i said. " please lilly " he begged i pushed him off and walked out the door. " harry i am going to buy a swim suit be back in a bit " i screamed. he did not answer. perrie and the girls asked to come along i said sure. we actally sorda just went shopping and spent all are money. when we got back it was dark and the boys where playing soccer on the beach. We all ran inside to change in are swimsuits. WE got back out and joined the boys in a game of soccer. me and harry team won. " in your face losers " harry screamed. ' i well bet you next time styles " louis screamed. we all laughed. everyone but me and harry went to sleep. ' come on lilly lets take a walk on the beach " harry begged. i said fine because it was beautiful out. we walked along the beach then we decided to lay down for a little and stare at the stars. " its beautiful ' i said. " not as beautiful as you " harry said i smiled an kissed him. we kissed for along time then harry started to unzip my shorts and pull them off. I pulled of his swim shorts. and he pulled of my swimsuit. " so we are going to have sex on a beach " i said. " pretty much " he said. we smiled harry started to rub really fast on my spot. I let out tiny moans then he stuck to fingers in me. " harry stop teasing me ' i said he smiled and he kept teasing me. Then i turned us over so i was on top and he was on bottom. then  he stuck his penis inside off me. I moaned. sonner or later i was sitting on harry moving up and down and he was laying there moaning. we both let out tiny4 moans then they started to get loud. " lilly i a-m ab-out to cu-m ' he said and he was right he came right inside of me. i fell right next to him. " lilly that was amazing " he said. " you say that every time " i said he smiled and kissed me. we got changed and walked back to our beach house and went to sleep.



hope you guys like sorry its short but you guys well never beleive this i had sex for the first time this happend yesterday.

OK so i sitting down at my house watching T.v with my cousins and his friend. We all decide to go to bed ( oh and my parents were at work they work a night shift ). so we went to bed but in the middle of the night my cousin friends wakes me up and asked me where the bathroom was. i said " you know you could have asked my cousin "  he said ' ya but what if i said i liked you" i smiled after that then he sat on my bed and we started to talk. then out of no where we kissed then he pushed me down on my bed he got up locked the door took off his shirt and jumped on top of me. he told me to take my clothes off and i did then he told me to take off his clothes and i did. then we where both naked. I was really nerveous i knew he wanted to have sex with me i said. " go on i am ready " he smiled and he actaully went on he was thursting in and out off me and he actaully came inside of me it was amazing the next morning witch was today my cousin found out we had sex together he said he would not tell if i had sex with him i nodded. his friend went home and i went to my cousins house and we had sex it was really werid BECAUSE HE MADE ME SUCK HIS DICK. it was really gross but i did not want my parents finding out i had sex with his friend and right now i am still at his house. werid i know.

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