she is my friend! or is she?

Blurb: Annie decides to go on a new social networking site so she can talk to her friends. She finds someone on the site who claims to know one of the people at school but then she starts to bully her. Who is the mysterious Alice? Why is she bullying Annie?


1. i need to tell this story

Annie’s pov:

This is my story about what happened to me. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. What happened to me was terrible. I should have never clicked the accept button to that friend request none of this would of happened. Let me give you one piece of advice before I begin. Never accept a friend request from someone you don’t know even if they say something like I know Stacey in your class or I know your friends Natalie’s cousin. It just will cause so much trouble that you wish you didn’t get yourself into. Let the journey begin

Makaliya’s pov:

I need to share my side of the story. I don’t want everyone to think I am the evil one. I know what I did was wrong and no one needs to remind me that. I only did it because I was angry at what was happening at home and Annie had a perfect life. People thought I was a monster but I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I just said all the words I heard my parents say as they argued. Not the really bad ones but small ones that weren’t that bad like saying she was ugly and stupid. I didn’t know what I could do to stop it. Now I know. I just needed to go to someone an adult. I apolagised to Annie and now we are friends she knows what I went through and she understands why I did what I did. She knows that how tough some people have things because that happened to her before her mum and dad divorced. I want to say one thing about the internet. .Actually two things First stay safe online and second is once a message is sent it can’t be erased. You don’t realise it but it can’t. Let the story begin.

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