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12. Getting Stuck

Last time we discussed word count, return to it here.   This is a similar topic to my motivational push blog from September. If you want some motivation, I suggest you head straight there. This is about more than pushing you forward, this is to try and get you out of a rut.   Sometimes you get bored of your story and you just don't want to write it anymore and no amount of motivation will help you. In this case, I suggest taking a step back and reviewing the situation. It might help if you read it through from the beginning. By the time you reach the part you're on you may have rekindled your love for the story. Or if this doesn't work, perhaps you should leave it for a week or two and come back to it. If you miss your story, get writing again. If not, perhaps you should stop writing it for now. This does not count as failing. I've done this a few times. Sometimes it's the best thing you can do.


I stopped writing a story after chapter one and then two years later I picked it up, changed it around and started writing it again to stop just before half way. I've mixed the story around yet again and I plan to write it very soon.  


So stopping isn't a bad thing. If the plot is good, you might write it differently later. Same for the characters, if you loved them but not the plot, a fantastic plot might come to you one day revolving around them. Letting go of a story isn't a failure. Sometimes it's what's best for the story. After all, if your story is boring you, it comes across in your writing and people won't enjoy reading it.   If you won't stop and will keep on writing regardless of how much you hate it, how about this? Skip the part that's boring you. Come back to that part at a later date. Write a part you're excited about. This will likely encourage you to keep on writing. Once you're in a good place with your writing, go back and write the part that was troubling you. It should have worked itself out.  


Don't panic if you feel as though the words just won't fit right anymore and you want to start a new story instead. You're not the only one. We all feel like this every now and again. I've felt like this very recently. I pushed on through the part I hated and fell in love with my story again. I'll just have to change that part I hated once I get round to editing.   The only way I can think of to stop this from happening is to write non-stop when the idea first occurs to you and you are just besotted with it. While you're in this frame of mind you shouldn't get stuck. But this time is limited so if this is your plan you should probably forget about your social life for a little while.  


In short: Stop if it feels right, write what's exciting and fall in love with your story as much as possible.   Anything you've found to help you out? Share your tips.

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